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Ab Purse

The alleged purse locator picks up the phone. A polite enquiry about his whereabouts at the rendezvous time and place follows. A nonchalant response about getting held up somewhere else is offered. A new rendezvous is agreed upon. The blue line is the route as the crow flies. Since my uncle in bangalore, who is dealing with the purse locator is neither a crow nor does he possess gravity defying  […]

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Purse matter

The City of Purse Purloiners

I lost my identity yesterday. Along with that, I lost the right to drive (both in India and in the US). I also lost the right to spend money without having any (I believe that’s possible through the use of something called “Credit Cards”). If I ever happen to be jobless in the United States, I have also lost the right to social security. All of it happened here. The […]

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