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Contemporary Vogon Limericks


Grunth, my porkbellied lizard Wargled his ample gizzard Fringled by loamy detritus Crunchy bones arthritus (?) gyrating tongue licked wizard – Composed by The Crapulent Crustacean Chrishagogus, the Awesome Noisome Gruntbuggly of Poeticon IV That poetic outpouring of extreme indigestion is a result of me wondering why Vogon Poetry was always composed in the boring 18th century Romantic style. So my alter ego (Chrishashogus) took a trip on a sailing […]

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Somebody just insulted my role model


7 years in North India. To paraphrase a cliched tourist pamphlet, I discovered the marble splendors of the Taj, the saffron valleys of Kashmir, breathtaking streams of the Kullu Valley and the stately pleasure-domes of Kubla Khan’s Xanadu (ok. not the last lone). But I discovered nothing more profound, more surreal and more phastasmagorical than the Man whose mind works faster than a computer. I sometimes think that the Hextium […]

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Auto Shun Kar

The thoughtful bloggers at Metrobloggers urge the government to take stringent action on renegade auto drivers who fail to use recalibrated meters. Some of comments also urge a complete boycott of Chennai Autos till they “improve”. As I stated in my earlier post here, a one-sided rant against the “disciples of Baasha” does not make for a meaningful debate. My intent here is to foster a slightly more thoughtful and […]

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Automatic outrage

Chennai autorickshaw drivers are evil, greedy, and uncivil anti-social elements. This statement seems to have more support in Chennai than both the Dravidan parties put together. It is also a frequent topic of discussion at most (well..middle class)  social gatherings. The interesting thing is (at least for me) that there is little or no debate. It is a simply a one-way rant. Chennai auto-drivers are scoundrels of the first (or even better..zeroth) […]

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Me, Myself and Kurt Godel

I speak the truth, I cannot be proved. If I can be proved, then I cease to exist. If I cannot be proved, why do I exist? Ah, tis a strange loop a knot of nerves says “This is I”, pointing to itself. Consciousness! Always wanted to write a poem based on Godel’s incompleteness theorems Let’s see if I can find some time this coming weekend to do a self-referential […]

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The Cult of the Crab


Some places go to the dogs. My state, on the other hand, is going to the crabs. The 62 million people of this state would like nothing better than to gloriously suffer from skin cancer (melanoma). I was at a supermarket a while back when I snapped this: What is wrong with us? Didn’t we all learn in our Biology classes in school that melanin is a good thing? That […]

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The Banian City Chronicles


I spent the weekend at Tirupur to attend a friend’s wedding. Tirupur, incidentally is an interesting place. Any city that calls itself “Banian City” has got to be interesting. For instance, if one watched Hollywood movies frequently , one would easily come to the conclusion that all laptops in the world are made by Apple (and occasionally by Sony). But little did I realize that this ingenious company from the […]

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