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Wedding Spread

Went to a wedding today. One of those opulent ones where they serve 400,000 thousand dishes in 0.000002 kg quantities. It all adds up though. But I was feeling gastronomically confused when I had to do a bit of “Match-the-columns” type exercise to figure out what side dish goes with the dosa, roti, naan, idiappam, sambar rice and green rice (it was green. thats all I know) Off late, weddings […]

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Saree state of affairs

Took my wife out for saree shopping today. I know. I know. Well-worn cliches come to mind. So i’ll not give them too much A guy’s saree shopping philosophy is generally “Enter, pick, buy, all in 10 minutes or less” while a girl’s method is While (anyShopsLeftInCity() ) { GuysMethodInSlowMotion(); } But since I am a good, understanding husband and all, I vowed to keep quiet and not make […]

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To the M.O.R.O.N.I.C, an open letter

An open letter to the Moral Officers Rigorously Overseeing & Nurturing Indian Culture. Dear brothers of the Holy Monkey Brigade ¬†and soldiers of the Army of the Marijuana God, Your crusade (no against the corruption of shudh ghee indian culture by the animal fat of the west gives me a lot of inspiration. I sit at home, peacefully consuming Ekta Kapoor serials while you fight in the trenches […]

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The Neighbour’s Labrador

Our neighbour owns a labrador that’s inappropriately named Leo. Drool or or a more tamizh-like “Jollu” would have fit him better. He is a hyperactive saliva production machine and a serious flood threat to the neighbourhood. The sad thing is that his owners keep him tied up with a rope whose length is comparable to the microscopic distances that trigger nuclear fusion. All day long. He spends the entire day […]

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Mr Michael Moore is ignoring my country

I recently saw Sicko, by Michael Moore and I was completely appalled by his assertion that France and Britain have really good universal health care. Mr Moore, my indian blood is boiling to 488.3 degrees celsius at your complete and utter ignorance of the universalness of Indian healthcare. While France seems to make do with just Allopathy, India offers Homoeopathy, Siddha, Ayurveda, Neemveda (shaking neem leaves to scare bacteria away) […]

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Carnatic Transliterations

Deep apologies to all those who are not from South India and do not have a smidgen of interest in Carnatic music. If you belong to that category, this post will probably not make any sense. But it has been running through my mind for a while and I just had to put it down. Carnatic music was drilled into me for almost 15 years of my life. More than […]

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New Yorker

On the junction of Nungambakkam road and Mount road, across from the Brain Drain Black Hole (US Consulate), there is a vegetarian restaurant named New Yorker. Uh? My reaction exactly when I was informed of the complete lack of fauna on the menu. But truth be told, New Yorker has one of the most diverse and eclectic vegetarian menus on offer in Chennai. There are 2 kinds of vegetarian food […]

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