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The Kaka Kronicles – episode #5

Where grand plans and strategies are made to leverage crow competencies. Click on image for larger version And I am not kidding on the elderly parent care outsourcing bit. Today was a very interesting day. I played game #3 (Constaball) in the afternoon. This was the “Parking Violation” variation. Later, I was informed by my office that I had to produce 4 photos for a Swiss visa. Like Immediately. No […]

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Games Chennaiites play

Chennai is a very sport-loving city. It is a city that has given Wasim Akram and his band of talented criketers in the 90s a standing ovation when the rest of India was busy choosing which brand of mineral water bottle to hurl at fieldsmen stationed in the deep and inventing new, choicy synonyms for Solanum Tuberosum It’s produced its fair (and brown) share of talented cricketers, some of whom […]

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Why do I blog? Because it calls. Beckons. How long do I spend daily? 30 minutes to an hour. I respond to comments from my mobile phone when I am on the road. Why do I never read through my posts again for spelling/grammatical mistakes? Correcting grammar mistakes and spelling is for school assignments. Not for sharing thoughts. This blog is now 4 months old. For some strange inexplicable reasons, […]

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Sacred Threads

Every year, on this day (called Avani Avittam), Tam Brams gather together to discard their old sacred threads (Poonal) and replace them with fresh white new ones. The bachelors (Brahmacharis) wear a single thread, married men (Grihasthas) wear 2 and elderly men whose fathers have passed away wear 3. (Ive heard different versions of this too. This is just the most popular one I have heard) Every year, my father […]

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Comfortably Onam

As Rogeracchan Vellam once sang, Yellow yellow yellow, the chips are really in there not if you can eat it.. Any more payasam …. There is no space I am really filled A distant meal is on the horizon … I….have..become..Comfortably Onam Original photo here Today is Thiruvonam. The day when calories don’t count. Human number systems are incapable to counting up to such large numbers. That’s why. Legend has […]

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An introduction to Besant Nagar

Besant Nagar has been my home since 1999. Well, it’s not that I’ve actually stayed there all this while, but it is what I use to fill any form that asks me for a “Permanent Address”. At the present, how ever, I am a resident of both Besant and Anna Nagar, something that came out of a pre-nuptial agreement. No. Not the formal American style legal document thingie. This was […]

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Mall contents from Madras

I notice that a lot of blogs have a post category called rant that is used as a proverbial bucket to catch all the overflowing and dripping sarcasm in those posts from metaphorically wetting the author’s pc/mac/linux/others keyboard. Further investigation reveals that music, movies, restaurants and politics seem like the most likely targets of these rants. But I find it difficult to rant because sustaining a continuous tone of derision […]

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