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The Blogosphere Zoopedia

6 months in the desi blogosphere, and I have had the pleasure of observing at close range, the various species that inhabit it. Clearly, it’s not an exhaustive list because as the saying goes, the universe is infinitely large, and I am not Captain Picard. So I trust that my readers will complete the list. Random Thoughter A vast majority of desi bloggers fall under this category. The title of […]

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It’s official. Bollywood Music is the only form of music in the world.

No. Not because they plagiarize from every possible source of audible sound (20 Hz to 20,000 Hz) in the known universe. It’s because Radiocity says so. They had the fortune of conducting India’s first Corporate (I mean the English adjective, not the Bipasha Basu starrer) Music Quiz, and I had the misfortune to participate in it. And I went all the way to Bangalore to do that yesterday. Why would […]

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We are now officially the Kaattadi Kandasaamy Kriket Champions

We won. Actually, we were winning till about the 17th over. Then the Pakis were winning till 19.3 overs. Then they lost the match to an ambitious shot by an audacious batsman who I am sure has a very bright future. My father called T20 Kaattadi Kandasaamy Kriket a few days back. But not in a derisive tone. Clearly, all of us enjoyed watching this high energy sport that very […]

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Bourne Ultimatum, a.k.a Nil. Gavani. Sudu

The title is borrowed from Vasoo’s brilliant comment here. Warning: Movie spoilers ahead Since I belong to the pirate generation and strongly follow the pirate aesthetic, I had already seen the third Jason Bourne movie thanks to a high resolution xvid torrent leaked straight out of Universal Studios. But since I am also an ethical pirate, I decided to watch the movie on the big screen simply because the movie […]

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“Ramar”, said who?

Disclaimer: The title is nothing more than an obscure pun on Ramar Sethu. It does not intend to express any opinion on the origins of the legendary god king who dumped his wife in the forest. It also does not express any political opinion on the construction company that built Adam’s Bridge. So some shifting sand shoals in between the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar have paid heavy […]

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The Creator has passed into the Light

This is a post about a wise, bearded man who passed away yesterday. Most of you may not recognize him. This may not make any sense to those of you who have not read the Wheel of Time series. He has been with me for the last 11 years, ever since a college friend introduced me to the series. He has spun this intricate fantasy world that has pulled me […]

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