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The Grand Adventures in Hawa Hawa City (the complete lack of them, i.e)

What do you call an unfortunate soul who spends 2 days a half in Chicago and visits a grand total of 4 places, namely O’Hare airport, Cousin’s home, Office and Client Location? A workaholic dullard? No A lifeless loser? No Krish Ashok? Yes. And what’s worse, when he gets precisely 3 chances to eat out, he does so at Mapo Chinese Restaurant, where I had what is undoubtedly not the […]

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Hawa Hawa City, the prelude

All Eyes Byes. Or was it All Ice Pies. Or perhaps Al Eis Peis (a.k.a Shaikh al-Haid al-Seekh) Anyway. While some people were counting upto 20 and other people were hiding in various ineffective places, I chose Chicago. Which is where I find myself for the next 2 days. On work. Which then brings me to the title of the post, an obvious circular reference to 3 things 1. The […]

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Seryalz 2.0

My official work is in the 2.0 world, which essentially means that all I do is recommend large fonts, shadows, strange spellings due to vowel removal, gradients and AJAXified slow loading pages to anyone and everyone who cares to listen. And oh, adding 2.0 at the end of all obsolete buzzwords makes them fresh like Ooty carrots, or so the jilpa goes. A long time ago, when the dinosaurs roamed […]

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Namma Ooru Film Heroine Archetypes

When there is a new hope, the empire is just expected to strike back, right? When identities are in question, somebody needs to assert their supremacy, right? When fellowships get formed, they simply must pay a visit to the two towers, right? So, this just had to be followed by this. With a small difference. I didn’t have to do any writing. Rekha and Maami did it for me. All […]

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Another Navaraathri winds to an end. Dolls. Sundal. Vadai. Payasam. Puffed rice. Tires over lemons and baby banana plants tied to vehicles (which will be nibbled on by goats and cows at traffic signals in the coming weeks) It was Vijayadasami today and the senior Paattu class students in the apartment complex nearby learnt Brochevaa in Khamas as a new song today. The junior ones learnt Varaveena in Mohanam. It […]

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Namma Ooru Film Hero Archetypes

I originally titled this “Bollywood/Kollywood archetypes”, but I am not a big fan of reducing all of Indian cinema to two words seeking name recognition with the American Film industry. I then tried “Desi archetypes” and realized that I am increasingly not a fan of that word at all. It seems to have all sorts of clarified buttery connotations. So I stuck to “Namma Ooru”, which is Tamizh for “Our […]

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“Kattradhu Tamizh” is a wholesome, family entertainer

I saw a genteel, pleasant, happy-happy, nanna-munna, feel-good film over the weekend. And I just had to share it with all of my readers. It’s a cutesy movie called “Kattradhu Tamizh” (I learnt Tamil). The movie has an uplifting, positive image for all those wishing to do a post-graduate degree in Tamizh. Warning: Spoilers below It is about two 7 year olds. One boy and one girl. Ain’t you already […]

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In America, they celebrate Thanksgiving, a celebration of being thankful for what one has and the bounty of the year. In Tamil Nadu, we celebrate Sundalgiving, a 9 day mega orgy of protein intake, as ATP points out. Sundalgiving is also known as Navarathri, during which the nine forms of Shakthi, the female divinity, are worshipped. The first three days are dedicated to Durga, who is responsible for cleansing us […]

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