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Facebook Mahabharatha

2 days of high pressure work and day long meetings have finally come to an end. And that usually means “some free time”. And “some free time” usually translates to The Facebook Mahabharatha ps 1: I didn’t pay too much attention to accurate chronology ps 2: It was already getting long, so I left some events out ps 3: For those not familiar with the Facebook Mini-feed, you need to […]

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Welcome to the Kandy Shop (Ceylon Chronicles, part 2)

This is a continuation of Ceylon Chronicles, part 1. The Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage.   According to the locals, the most visited place in Sri Lanka is the Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage near Kegalle on the way from Colombo to the Sacred UN Heritage City of Kandy. Not surprising because the first thing one gets to see at 9.15 sharp in the morning is several baby elephants being fed milk from XXL […]

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Ceylon Chronicles, part 1

Since the Ramar Sethu was closed to foot traffic, we took a Jetlite flight to Kozhumbu. Now, let’s assume that I am a Galle based self-made Tamizh businessman returning with loads of Saravana Stores maal to sell to unsuspecting Sinhalese with lots of disposable income and the only languages I spoke were Tamizh, passable Sinhala and some Butler English (What you want. I give. Low price – style basic functional […]

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Lonely Planet tells me, Kasippu – moonshine liquor, the tipple of choice for working-class alcoholics – is booze at its most basic: sugar, yeast and water fermented in steel drums. The drums are left to ferment in wetlands and other hidden places, and rumour has it that lizards, snakes and birds come to drink the sweet juice – then die and fall in, adding their own special flavour to the […]

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Orkut Profile Exchange Meets

A few months back, I saw a banner outside the Besant Nagar Fruit-of-Knowledge-Stealer Temple. It read “Besant Nagar Brahmin Association Annual Horoscope Exchange Meet“. For a short while I wondered if it was like philately, Jaadagately perhaps. But realizing that dot-matrix printouts of planetary positions cannot possibly be collector-items, the meet, therefore, must be for other purposes. A relative informed me that it was like a stock exchange for arranged […]

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Rs 500 = Volume Knob. Rs 100 = Mute Button.

I need to introduce all of you to The Tanglish Word of the Day deal-la vudradhu (To leave in deal) – v.t, to ingloriously dump somebody, to cheat, to escape, to con, to defraud, to finagle, to shaft, to cozen, to ematthufy, to sterling-teak-treefy, to take money and not deliver the goods, to take Rs 100 and turn the speakers off in the Music Academy balcony during November Fest 2007. […]

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The Clandestine Lovers’ Guide to Chennai

“Clandestine” applies to the lovers, not to the guide, in case you thought otherwise. If you and your clandestine louw partner are the twin towers of romance, The city of Chennai is the metaphorical plane (or plain) that is likely to crash into the both of you. The city’s conservatism is mostly harmless, but when it comes to matters of amour, it almost forces lovers to say “So long and […]

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Head Deepaavalis – a tale of promotions and bussvaanams

It is the day after Deepaavali. In North India, it’s called Diwaali because they have a taste for Sanskrit consonants. So they swallow the “Pa” and the word ends up sounding like the area between San Mateo and San Jose or perhaps, a tennis shot Boris Becker specialized in. More specifically, it was my Thalai Deepaavali. For the uninitiated, the prefix does not refer to this guy. It refers to […]

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Cracker of a Time

The festival of lights is coming, and there is no better time to turn our attention to Deepavali Crackers (called Fireworks elsewhere in the world). Ever since my youngest brother was advised by a left-wing, liberal, animal-loving, vegan, peace-loving, earth-loving (and other standard stereotypes) kindergarten teacher not to buy crackers during Deepavali because young children who ought to be going to school are forced to work under dangerous conditions in […]

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