Facebook Mahabharatha

2 days of high pressure work and day long meetings have finally come to an end. And that usually means “some free time”. And “some free time” usually translates to The Facebook Mahabharatha

ps 1: I didn’t pay too much attention to accurate chronology

ps 2: It was already getting long, so I left some events out

ps 3: For those not familiar with the Facebook Mini-feed, you need to read from the bottom.


Update: For the technically inclined, most of this was done with a generous use of javascript directly in the browser and very little photoshop. The script used is rather simple.

javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

Type this in the browser address bar and hit enter.It will make the entire page editable. The possibilities then are endless, aren’t they? I found this here

And the subtly brilliant Baby Vaijayanti and Puppy Manohar suggest an FPS- style in-game chat version that sounds even cooler. For instance,

>Bh15hm4 has been pwned by Arrows

>4bh1m4nyu has left the server

Etc. I urge the baby and the junior canine scientist to take this up on a larger scale.

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116 replies

  1. no words, absolutely no words…..

    thalaiya, pinneetenge….

    [ saashtaanga namaskaram ]

  2. Awesome! I bet u were thinking about this post during your day long meeting!

  3. Had me in splits! esp “Draupadi joined the group Molested Women”..lol

  4. Truly amazing! Breaking new grounds in thinking out-of-the box!!

  5. DAMMIT! You beat me to the punch. I swear I had the same idea, except for making it a kind of FPS chat exchange. You know, like this:

    >Bh1shm was pwned by an arrow
    >Abhimanyu has left the server


    Anyway, you win this round.

    – Puppy M

  6. I thought Shashi Tharoor’s “Mohammed Ali Karna”, “Jayaprakash Drona” and “Priya Duryodhani” we funny! But this stuff is hilarious! Am not a facebook user but the idea is maha funny!!

  7. this was really funny. very ingenious.

    i abbrisiyaate

  8. Real cool. Must admire you taking the effort for making that. But no “Sponsored” notification??

  9. Patrix,
    With some very nifty javascript, this isn’t too much effort at all :)

    Thank you.

    Hmm. I have to admit that there is some shred of truth to that :)

  10. Mmmh – am I the only one who is not seeing the image or what you have here? I had Adblock plus on firefox – maybe thats the reason – I should try out another browser!

  11. Yep now on safari on mac, it looks ok – great one!!

  12. Ambi, your posts are being featured in Desipundit on a regular basis. Besh.

  13. Simply awesome sir!!

    You should post a tutorial or something on how this was done :) The script would be interesting to see…

  14. Amazing!! Nearly fell off the chair laughing!

  15. And yes, do share the script. Let us all be Open Source!

  16. Kick a$$ stuff.. Rock on..

    Maybe we can do a LOLcats version!

  17. dude, it’s a crime to have so much free time and such free flow of creativity, both with the same person!!!! what’s your secret? or should I ask the missus?

  18. Upto whatever i could understand from your post
    it is excellent.
    As it is completely computer/browser language
    the idea in full is not received for people like me who do not know the language.
    Please venture again in a language known to all common people.

  19. My god!!! Seriously boss. Awesome! Ooba ooba only!

  20. Everybody,
    Thank you.

    Yes. Unfortunately, this will make sense only to the Orkut/Facebook crowd. Will attempt to poke fun in other styles in the future :)

  21. First time visitor via Desipundit..pretty brilliant stuff…Keep doing

  22. Hilarious stuff! I was hoping to see some pwned stuff too :)

    I love the Gitapoke application!

  23. very funny stuf….esp i liked the part where kunti invited pandavas to sharefruit game..and karna finding friends with ally finder..

  24. We loved your post. carying it on our blog as a guest post by you.

  25. Everything other than Molested women group was amazing…that kinda put me off…but very creative

  26. GitaPoke!! Hilarious!

    I had an idea some time back but got stuck on it. Bhagwan Shri Rama’s Orkut scrapbook.


  27. Have you thought of publishing ? or any other form where you can reach a wider audience. What are your future plans as a .. i’m not sure what to call you.. a writer won’t suffice, a punster would be very inadequate. Commentators… what do we call krishashok ?

  28. Thanks for sharing the Javascript… really great stuff, I did not know you could actually do that!! I guess you learn something new every day…

    Btw, WordPress seems to have replaced the single quotes in the script with the equivalent HTML entity. So, the script doesn’t just work if you paste in the address bar, you’d have to change the single quotes to the normal ones.

  29. You are my personal hero. I am going to build an altar to you and worship it daily. Next time you embark on something like this, PLEASE call me.

    May the GitaPoke-me-on.


  30. harry potter next. i cant wait to poke the crap out of that twit.

  31. That was just….superb!

  32. This is truly gr8! I once had an idea of doing a skit using here at USC using facebook updates, but it needed too much effort and synchro. Your javascript technique really helps in cutting down the effort. Also, kudos to your creativity — “click here to listen to Yudishthira’s podcast” .. lmao!

  33. That was brilliant , Sir.

    Dr. Vikram ‘Bunty’ Sanghvi (Mrs.)
    Wheat Farmer and landless labor employment service.
    (we employ landless farmers on our lands. we employ them. yes we are good.)

  34. yup, one word. Brilliant!

  35. Draupadi created a new group:
    1000 strong for Polygamy
    Click to join

    Karna still cant say no

    Next: Ramayan vs Mahabharat

    Best post ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Great stuff.

    Before Kunti accepts fruit gift from Pandavas, how about a line on Karna and the floating basket.

  37. Everybody,
    Thank you :)

    Hmm. Not sure if all of this is good enough to be published but I’ve been asked this by others as well. I will think about it.

    Yeah. Let me change it to regular text. Should work now.

  38. Ashok,

    the baby hyperlink has a small prob.

    now realized…that snap preview does sanitize hyperlinks to a little extent ;-)

  39. Cool suff.. the orkut-jaadagam excahnage post rocked…. found this link on the CTO blog.. (of all places :) )…

  40. speechless…

    ps : next time when you re-write MMKR script using facebook, turn off the spellcheker in your editor.

  41. javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; is something i use quite regularly,but nothing this creative !

    chala bagundi !

  42. Dude. This is absolutely brilliant and slapstick humor at its best. Nice.

  43. That was simply amazing! Supremely creative!!! I am still ROFLOL :))

  44. lol :)

    It’s going to be real hard for me to stop the laughter during our Sunday morning Gita classes! Such wicked fun!

  45. It cant get any better than you mate. I mean, amazing. As generous of u to mention all the tech aspcts of it, a round of applouse for th thought! Excellent!

  46. LOL! Brilliant – easily one of your best :) !

  47. Hilarious!!! i emailed this to my friends and thus managed to bask in reflected glory! :)
    btw read yr comment on Twisted’s pregnancy post. Y’re a tad late. this phenomenon y’re referring to is already happening m’boy :)

  48. This is atrociously Funny!Absolutely Creative !
    >Draupadi joined the group
    ‘Molested Women’… :D :D

  49. too good! Gitapoke does it for me :)

  50. This is a nice way of representing the mahabharatha. One of my friends always sits in this facebook and finds out many cool features as part of it such as free calling, free sms world wide etc., I haven’t went through the details but still i hope the features are cool.

    V V S

  51. Wow — very interesting way to present history.. haha sadly, i am sure kids today would be able to digest information in this format compared to how it was previously.

  52. Excellent job, dude. This is a thoroughly creative post!

    Where is

    Draupadi accepted Nakula’s invitation
    Draupadi accepted Sahadeva’s invitation
    Draupadi accepted Bhima’s invitation
    Draupadi accepted Arjuna’s invitation
    Draupadi accepted Ydhishtira’s invitaion

    Draupadi is sorely tired, and wants to sleep all weekend.

    Bhima has suckerpunched Durhodhana.

  53. Too good, pinni eduthittinga! Jilpa’s Mahabaratha and next Gita ?

  54. Hilarious! Why does your name remind me of someone back at school (MIS, Delhi)?

  55. Lovely stuff this is man…niceness

  56. simply simply awesome… :o)

  57. hi, please see link below:


    you got anything to do with this? wouldnt want anyone to ‘lift’ contents from a unique blogger like you :-)
    Ashok: Either he received it as an email forward and honestly didn’t know who created it, or he plagiarized deliberately. I’m going to assume “innocent mistake” till he addresses the issue. Either way, I’ve let a comment on his blog

  58. This image came as an email forward to me with no attribution.
    However said creator is deeply offended that I used it without his permission. I apologize for this but what I don’t like are the ridiculous comments made on my comment page. Also these guys can’t structure a single coherent sentence in English.
    To this end I have removed the work of offended creative genius.
    A thousand apologies.
    Let us not forget the original idea:

  59. Sunil,

    Thanks for obliging. But um, the “original” you refer to was “originally” from CollegeHumour – http://www.collegehumor.com/article:1764710 and was titled “The Facebook of Genesis”, and interestingly is dated Nov 10, 2008. My post is dated Nov 2007, and therefore technically, I could claim that mine is more “original”.

    But that’s not the point. The idea of using a Facebook minifeed to depict religion/mythology etc could very well have come to many people.

    My second point is about email forwards. Now while it would be presumptuous of me to advise you on your job, but SEM, SEO and Viral marketing seem to be your resume, so I find it odd that you would simply post something you received through email, since clearly posting it would almost always infringe some one’s copyright. And I am sure you are aware of how search engines work. Duplicate copies of the same content don’t exactly help the original creator because Google does not like that, and I’m sure you know that with your SEO and SEM skills.

    Now perhaps this might have a careless mistake, and therefore not really something to make a big deal out of. But that was till I looked at most of your other posts. Take this for example – http://newnimproved.blogspot.com/2009/02/carlos-santana-and-eric-clapton-jingo.html and now, let’s do a Google search with some of the text – http://tinyurl.com/b3fo4r . It turns out that your result appears along with what looks like the original.

    So the “english-challenged” people who commented on your reckless duplication of content might have lacked coherence in their sentence structures, but at least, their content was original :)

    ps: The link you pasted in your comment – the one about god being on Facebook, you forgot to attribute that to the original creator as well, in this case CollegeHumour.

  60. ‘A thousand apologies to the offended creative genius’ eh? such humility and sincerity. must have missed originality somewhere, though!
    Ashok: Sssh Poornima. The gentleman has sent me a cease-and-desist notice and threatened a lawsuit for defamation. So don’t get me into trouble :)

  61. Please grant me some boons – i can do with some!

  62. http://www.unp.co.in/f98/if-pandavas-were-on-facebook-54060/ your article plagiarised. I wish I could do more about it than just letting you know:(

  63. Stumbled upon your blog Krish. I just love the way you write!! This one had me in splits!!

    Keep it going!

  64. had me in splits…
    nice one

  65. Whoa! more than a year and half after you write yours, I do a similar thing on the Ramayana, with no idea that you have done this for the Mahabharata! Wow, and thinking that I was the first one put this idea into a blog! :(
    I limited myself to playing around with MS Word :( :(, downloading the icons and using them as bullets. Took me six hours to make mine! Doing it the Javascript way is so much cooler and was exactly what I originally wanted.
    You rock KrishAshok, you rock! This is absolutely fabulous!

  66. I did a piece in Paint an year back when facebook launched its first new version. http://when-us-beckoned-me.blogspot.com/2008/05/sneak-peek-into-all-new-facebook.html
    But hats off to ur story-telling ;)

  67. Brilliant!! Bloody brilliant!!
    I am sure to remember this and laugh in the middle of a meeting tomorrow.. LOLzz.. :-)

  68. Thalaiva..

    Edho pudusa Facebook ramayana nu net paravathirku.. Inda maadri unga idea va suthu vaera evano paer vaangikithu irukaan.. edhavadu senjaaganum..


  69. Great job, it is nice to some people get to know what Mahabharata is and also familiarize with the historical names. Poke is a an interesting one. Keep it up.

  70. hahahaha… 2 in a row today!!! in the morning, a friend fwded Ramayana on FB.. and now this!!! :)

  71. Forgot to mention… the link given for Baby vaijayanti blog is wrong…. pliss to remove the http://'s!!

  72. Ha ha fantastic concept man…..its part of globalised gapsa i suppose…:)

  73. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  74. ROFL ROFL ROFL ROF L ROFL Hahhahahahahhaahahahahah awesome awesome stuff….man!! i havent laughed so much in days! :))) :))) Thanks a lot!!!

  75. nice!!i recently read a FB-Ramayana and now a facebook-mahabharata…i am saying the same thing i said there…i want to see a twitter-sholya or a Fb-DDlJ :P lol

  76. Had fun reading this, really funny!

  77. Dude, despite my visceral hatred for all things associated with Chennai by virtue of being incarcerated in one of the ‘concentration camps’ over there for 4 years (and a few more trips every 6 months)- I kneel and salute thee Wayne Campbell style “I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy!” . This is truly kick-ass. Now, go ahead and humour us syrian catholic mallus and do the same with the New Testament.

  78. oh.. tats how the story goes :P cud b a handy tool to teach kids in future.

  79. Each and every word is too funny! Insane Stuff! m lovin it!

  80. Great work. Simply brilliant.

  81. Entertainment at its best!!!

  82. No words to comment…

    How could you relate Face book and Mahabharata???

    Kudos Dude !!

  83. Possibly the single most brilliant post that I have come across in the entire Indian blogosphere. Pranam!

  84. Oh, dear! I have started a MahaBharath series – MahaParatha reheated at my blog.

    I searched Google for I needed some info on the epic and landed in your spoof.

  85. Happy birthday 2012. This is the last place you’d ever expect to find this. Your blogpost makes so much sense :)

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