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Madras 2007- a report for the refugees


Ref.u gees – noun, pronunciation {ref-yoo–jee, ref-yoo-jee, kaena pasanga} 1. People forcibly pulled from the city of Madras like jasmine flowers from their stalks, constantly drunk on nostalgia spiced with sambar powder and served with a more milagai. 2. People eating questionable $6.95 idlis served with diet coke reminiscing about the oh-so-soft idlis at Murugan Idli store. 3. People eating unhealthy Bhelpuri while thinking about boiled peanuts, onions, tomatoes and […]

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Merry Sabari-Christ-ul-Zuha

Many many years ago, a baby named Jesus Ibrahim Ayyappa was found on the banks of the river Pampa, and very early on in his life, showed a proclivity for all matters spiritual. He was even ready to sacrifice strong feelings of familial desire at his god’s altar, for which the supreme dude Vishn-allah-weh blessed him. A light in the sky named the Jyothi Star of Makara-Bethlehem is a miraculous […]

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An Open Letter from a Male Project Manager to Women in IT.

This letter was originally intercepted by undercover agents employed by the Pointy Haired IT Manager Committee For The Maintenance Of Status Quo and destroyed before it could be made public. But they left a proverbial copy at the printer. And in this post, I present that to you. The author of this letter is a long time IT project manager and is said to have been fired for his job […]

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The Glossarie of Carnatick Season Terminologie for Peter Purposes

It is the Chennai music season and if you are a newbie, and feel hopelessly lost as the elite carnatic crowd throws around complex sounding jargon, this is the guide for you. Aaaha – Exclamation used by peter-vuttufying rasikaas to show off their advanced abilities at recognizing subtle nuances in the music. If you are a beginner and do not quite know when to aaaha, use this guide, and be […]

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Elephants in Drawing Rooms

It is the music season in Chennai, but I must first attend to this. Original Image credits:  Cathy Wilcox, Sydney Morning Herald, 23 March 2006 [link] It is hard to write something new in the looming shadow of an overly popular post. Doubts creep in. Will readers expect another blockbuster? Will I be able to outdo that post? Will readers set the bar so high that a blogging equivalent of […]

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Guide to designing Indian Political Posters

Are some misinformed people telling you that IT, Retail and Property are the new explosive growth industries? Do not pay any attention to them. In fact, if the industry I am going to be talking about has its way, you will not be able to pay attention to anything else. Indian Political Posters. There are more DMK, AIADMK, BJP and Congress posters than trees in Chennai. Further, it is estimated […]

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