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Wedding 1.0.1 (beta) – Green Edition


The weekend was filled with weddings. So what does one do when in the midst of Paruppu Usili, Silk sarees, loud bursts of Getty melam and a whole load of “I also have a son who is a very eligible bachelor” type social networking? One dreams up possible uses of technology to 1) Spice weddings up. 2) Make then Greener. ps: When I use the word “spice”, it’s not like […]

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It was a bright, sunny day in Veggieland, and there are some simmering tensions in the air as a result of some foreigners arriving in town. Elsewhere, it’s life as usual. The hierarchy is well-defined. Size does matter. As does colour. Discriminations abound. And nobody likes the elites. Very often, inter-clan tensions can reach boiling point. Violence is never far away. Tragedies are common. But there is always the wise […]

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A couple of weeks back, I saw something in Landmark that provided fodder for this post – A DVD box-set of Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayana. A couple of days back, I saw a DVD-rip torrent of the same thing on the web, and that was when I realized that while Mr Sagar had actually done the people of India a great service by making that televised version, he had actually done […]

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Guide to Rendering Yeoman Service to Rasikas By Writing Formulaic Carnatic Concert Reviews in The Hindu

Bollywood has The Formula and it involves shirtless, six-packed heroes, shampoo-model bimbettes and graceless music. Jerry Bruckheimer has The Formula and it involves car chases, lots of explosions and cliched dialogues. Back in class 12, even I had The Formula and it involved mixing Toluene and concentrated Nitric acid in the vain hope that I could mass produce TNT. Carnatic artistes have The Formula, and it involves RTPs, tukdaas and […]

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Happy New Year

I don’t make new year resolutions. And I tend to be at a loss when people slip and lose balance over the steep precipice of making small talk by clutching at the dangerously tenuous branch of asking people what resolutions they made for new year. So I usually keep my garden pruning scissors handy to cut that strained branch and provide fodder for the crocodiles below. The shady technology humour […]

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