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The Adventures of Darth Vaadhiar, episode 1 – A New Hopelessness

Darkness descends. The Imperial March plays. With a slight twist. And 2 extra sangathis to boot.   Junior Jigubugu Vaadhiar: What an unexpected pleasure, mama. What brings you here unannounced? Darth Vaadhiar: Spare me the pleasantries. I am here to get this homam back on schedule. I was doing my extended morning Sandhi, that makes me strong in the force Junior Jigubugu Vaadhiar : You and your extended Sandhi. We […]

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Saroja Gulaal Nikaalo


Hello Everybody, Howareyoufineaa? Advance apologies for a generally rambling, pointless, rudderless, multi-topicked post on many things in general and nothing in particular. Since the seminal “How to attract blog readers and influence millions” told me that individual blog posts must be Focussed on a single theme like a sniper rifle on its target in order to be linkable – Blog aggregators (like Desipundit, Blogbharti etc) will have trouble writing summaries […]

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(black) race to the white house, part #1


Remember Loo. Su. Mani and Pay. Mani? They are lower rung party workers (and part-time poster designers) and have given their bodies to the soil and lives to their leader (Udal Mannukku, Uyir Thalaivarukku). They recently had a discussion on the upcoming US elections, and I had the privilege to eavesdrop. LSM: What brother ?(Ennannae?) PM: I am well, brother. Thalaivar’s posters stuckaa? LSM: Yes yes. From Ennore to Vandalur, […]

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Sodha Akbar says "Salaal Mugamaddhu baai, veg biriyaani ready"


I had an eventful week. I saw Jodha Akbar and then went on a short 2-day business trip to Charlotte, NC. The business trip seemed shorter. So the moment I got back to IST, while my biological clock is still sightseeing somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic, I decided to, in the interest of public service, to shoot an email to Ashutosh Gowariker asking him to shorten the movie […]

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Moosee Dee Louwre


We Indians have a strange, ambivalent attitude to art. Our goddesses are voluptuous, occasionally blood-thirsty, often decked in a lot bling, sometimes even naked. Our gods are multi-hued, sometimes sensuously dancing or in some cases even transgender. Even our wedding mantras ask us, in the immortal words of Woody Allen, to be constantly fruitful and multiply. But we, on the other hand, mostly tend to be prudes, demanding that our […]

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