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Help. I am a Hypowebiac


Dear Doctor, Go get an X-Ray done No no wait. First listen to me. I believe I am suffering from a new hitherto undiscovered syndrome. Oh. Ok. Go get an MRI scan and a Feline Scan. Can I at least describe my problem first? Hmm. I’m not used to this sort of gross deviation from standard operating procedure. Ok. First promise me that that after you tell me your problem, […]

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The lack of any connection between Wok-fried Vegetable Goo and IPL T20 cricket


In Hyderabad, there is a legendary restaurant called Paradise and they serve what is arguably one of the best Biriyanis in this galactic sector. Now what does that have to do with the Indian Premier League T20 tournament? Actually, nothing. Also, in San Antonio, Texas, there is a Chinese restaurant named Golden Wok where you can choose vegetables of your choice from a bar and the chef will, in one […]

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What’s in a spelling?


Dear Flying Spaghetti Monster, I have a confession to make. Over the years, I have logged an untold number of person-hours LOL-ing, ROFL-ing, ROFLOL-ing, taking mobile cam shots and showing to friends and ROFL-ing together at unintentionally funny spellings in Indian restaurant menus. And since we are talking about food, I thought it might be appropriate to invoke thy holy noodly presence and share my thoughts with you. I used […]

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Online Indian Male 2.0


Startup Sundaramoorthy and Venture Venkatakrishnan meet up at Barista, Besant Nagar over some coffee. Actually make that Latte with carcinogenic artifical sweeteners. And they discuss some very disturbing Internet stats. SS: Did you know that 60% of Facebook users are women? VV: Yes. And over 55% of MySpace users as well? SS: The Indian Blogosphere is also overwhelmingly dominated by women. A look at any comment thread in the Indian […]

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Couldn’t I just ask you if you are Tambram?

The phrase “Notoriously hard” is not something that is usually associated with the city of Chennai. Most aspects of this city (except the weather) tend to attract adjectives of a genteel nature (like genteel for example). For instance, Mumbai is a happening city, where events tend to fall from the sky like they were dropped from a B1 bomber while Chennai is more of an occurring city, where events float […]

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