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An Unsolicited Proposal to Hotel Saravana Bhavan

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Hotel Saravana Bhavan (hereinafter referred to as HSB) is a phenomenon. Annachi (occasionally called P Rajagopal) started out in Vadapalani K K Nagar (Thanks, Ravages), Chennai in 1981 and never looked back after that. The rate at which HSB opens new branches is almost bacterial. Now one can enjoy the mini-idlis soaked in divine saambaar even in Atlanta, Georgia. As an organization, HSB has is a great case study in […]

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Iyer Vs Iyengar

Azhwarkadiyan Nambi and Eesaana Bhattar presumably had descendants. And perhaps they lived in the New Thanjavur Sector of the Pegasus Beta Settlement, and perhaps they went to the same school, and played on the same zero-gravity slide. Perhaps both grew up to be cyberpriests on interstellar spaceships. Perhaps they chilled out at the Galactic Spaceport bar. Wonder what sort of “I am better than you” arguments they had. EB Jr: […]

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Book Cricket, age unknown, R.I.P

Dear Reader,  For some reason, the IPL T20 tournament reminded me of something I used to be passionate about many years ago.  A decade ago, a game died, and there was sadly nobody to write a eulogy. This is a humble attempt to remember that great game, its classy origins and the treacherous road to its eventual demise. The game was called Book Cricket. Those of you who are young […]

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