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Sigh Figh Chen Igh

Chennai, 3672 A.D. The golden rays of the setting sun made the translucent spires of Chennai Spaceport glisten, causing a brilliant interplay between bright bursts of light and the thousands of black and yellow A.U.T.Os (see glossary) ferrying passengers to and from the spaceport, as Counassegarane stood watching from his high-rise apartment in Trisulam Sector V. I need to get myself a new hypershirt from the local Saravana Gigamart, he […]

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The Sporepedia is not complete till some desis move in


The first ever video game I ever played was a small, handheld thingie involving driving away hungry wolves from sheep grazing peacefully in a farm. When the first PC arrived at home, a mighty 386 with a whopping 4 MB RAM, I was introduced to Prince of Persia, an scrolling arcade type rescue-princess-from-evil-vizier adventure, which came on a couple of floppies from a neighbour who also gave us our first […]

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Dasavathaaram – Not a review

This is not a review. I only view movies once (unless they are made by Hayao Miyazaki). Warning 1: Spoilers ahead. Warning 2: If you haven’t seen the movie, this post will make about as much sense as the plot in a Vijay movie. Warning 3: Please read Warnings 1 & 2 before proceeding What connects Oppressive rule of the Burmese military junta Chinese oppression of Tibet If your answer […]

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Black Tickets, Baker Street and Community Chest


What ho, everybody? I was busy having tea, scones, warm ale and fine cut marmalade all of last week and therefore could not find time to post. Work took me to Peterborough, Cambridgeshire and do not think that the borough (of Peter) is just a sleepy village in East Anglia, because it has something that cannot found anywhere else in the known universe. It has something that even the mighty […]

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