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Tag you very much


I got tagged. Twice. This whole tagging business reminds me of this game we used to play back in Vidya Mandir in 1988. When teachers used to finish their syllabus early, we would have a few free classes, and if the play ground was occupied, they would ask us to play something called “Memory”. It involved kids, in sequence, remembering words (perhaps animal names) that others said before them, and […]

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A lot of door but absolutely no darshan


The Olympics are coming to an end, and thanks to Doordarshan, I’ve seen lots of nothing. And talking about black holes, the logo for Doordarshan does resemble one. And all meaningful live action is behind their event horizon. Hyperbole aside, how bad was it really? Legend (or quizzing trivia) has it that the Yogic Siddhi that provides the practitioner with the power to see distances afar, the power that Sanjaya […]

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Tiago Roger on the Lake Geneva shoreline

Warning: The following post may not make sense if you cannot immediately recognize that the Hungarian minor scale is really just Keeravani wearing a bowler hat. Somewhere in the place we call the “past”, two subspecies of the branch Homo Sapiens Madrasicus split. The evolutionary difference between them had to do with music, and the intervening years have, rather unfairly, kept these two groups more apart than necessary. I am […]

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I sport Indian support


Congratulations Abhinav. Awesome show. The media tells me that you have given hope, single-handedly, to a billion people aching for Indian sporting glory. Well, at least the 400 million, TV-watching, newspaper-scanning part of that billion. All news channels are currently busy analyzing why India cannot produce more Abhinavs. What makes your (and Leander’s, Rajyavardhan’s and Malleswari’s) achievement even more remarkable is that you are all sportspeople in a fundamentally unsporting […]

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Some cocktails just don’t cut it


Dear Darth Vaadhiar, I am a fan of cocktails, and in the past, have experimented with some fairly interesting concoctions, and had it not been for my aversion towards all forms of intellectual property protection mechanisms, I would most certainly have patented my original creations. For instance, Anthim Sanskaar – Beer, Mango pickle and Vodka shaken while Nirvikalpa’s Anthim Sanskaar plays in the background. Raam Naam Sathya hai – Bacardi, […]

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