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The Dummies’ Guide to the US Elections


It’s well into 2008 and another US election is around the corner, and therefore, like any other dutiful blog in the blogosphere, it is my duty to comment on it despite the fact that I neither have the knowledge nor the perspective to comment. And therefore, that makes me perfectly qualified to author the “Dummies’ guide to the US elections”. (Thanks Chittaranjan) American elections are important to the world because […]

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Ye Olde Tragedie of Ravana Superstar


Jilpasura drops his heavy school bag on his bed and picks up his Nintendo DS to play Metroid Prime. “Not before you’ve had your lunch, young asura”, says Jalsa Rakshasi “I won’t eat unless you tell me a story” “Ah well. Ok. I’ll tell you the tale of the obsessive compulsive Prahlada who had his father served as lunch to a hungry lion” “No. That’s for bedtime. This is lunchtime. […]

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King Maha got bullied by a dwarf?

Jalsa Raakshasi: It’s time to sleep, grandson Jilpaasura: Tell me a story, grandma JR: Do you want a happy story or a sad story? JA: I’m bored of happy ones. Tell me a sad story JR: Long ago, there lived a righteous king, a doyen of our clan, Mahabali, who ruled righteously over the land of Kerala. Everybody in the kingdom was happy because, for a change, there was no […]

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What the phoonk is Himesh doing?


I was casually munching benana chips and dringing hot tea in Trivandrum this weekend when I finally realized why an Indian had not written the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. That question had been bothering me for a while now, and I had always wondered why it had to be a tall friend of David Gilmour who advised us all to not panic. The answer, it turns out, is rather […]

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