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Veni Vedi Macchi


First off, I am just back from a short trip to Germany, Finland and Estonia, and I have been surreptitiously consuming large quantities of chocolate filled with Finlandia vodka. So if this post seems a little, well, highly vague, you know what to blame. Legend has it that Lord Rama was humming Karaharapriya while he was returning back to Ayodhya from the South. As he reached the gates of his […]

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The Avuncular Armchair Adventures, #1

There are many kinds of mamas (Tamil for “Avuncular Authority”) in this world, and I plan to chronicle their adventures, or the lack of them, as they sit on their armchairs and hold forth on various issues troubling our world.  This one is titled:  Sigappu Marx mama (originally introduced here) Cast: aforementioned mama, nephew indulging in various soul-selling activities, crossword-solving, Tai-chi practicing maami. In a world that he claims is […]

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Another brick out of Wall St

It was a hot and humid second of October, and the clocks were not really striking because the batteries were dead. The autos were all haphazardly parked, a riot of black and yellow on what was normally the playground of the Bharat Matriculation school (State Board). There was a makeshift pandal and a frail old man was at the 123checkmiketested mic, reliving his experience of meeting somebody who had met […]

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