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Dear 21yr old fake Versace T-shirt wearing guy


Was it the virgins or did you expect to be back home after your exploits in Mumbai? I am also told that your brainwashers don’t necessarily specifiy  the gender of the virgins supplied in the Mission-Accomplished-Bar you guys chill out after your courageous displays of blowing up unarmed civilians. In my opinion, I don’t really think virgin women (and men) dig your kind of kill-for-statistical-glory bravado. Playing video games involves […]

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Story time


“It’s story time paati”, beamed Jilpasura as he settled into his king sized bed, after a light repast involving several swimming things, a few mountain ranges of rice, a family pack of Arun ice cream and a few red bananas from Kerala. Jalsa Rakshasi was just getting ready to play Half Life 2. But headcrabs could wait. “Ok. For a change, let’s ignore our noble (and often unfortunate) ancestors, and […]

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Aamaanga, pannamudiyumla

Hello. It’s been 2 weeks. I took a short vacation from the Blogosphere to pay a little more attention to some stuff at work, because it pays the bills and all that. I am also in the final stages of buying an apartment. Thus the slight lack of all things bloggy. And in the meanwhile, a Chicago brotha just became the Prezidint of the ‘nited States. And as someone in […]

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