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My experiments with tooth

Revolutions tend to begin silently, and secretly, and often start small. Secrecy is like a nanny, often needed in those initial stages, but growing up necessitates the termination of a nanny’s services. And when it’s time to break out, it’s all or nothing. It takes uncommon courage to be revolutionary. To do the unpopular because it is the right thing to do. But revolutionaries die young. The price of rebellion […]

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Snacks, any one? For some reason I was doing a “View->Source” on some webpage, and I ran across <a href=”#”>Pull</a> And I thought, what was missing was <a href=”#”>Sthree</a> and <a href=”#”>Napunsaka</a> That would have made my Sanskrit teacher at VM proud. Have a merry christmas. No wait. That would be very selfish. Have a Teri christmas and a Hamari christmas as well. Update: Naren and I are having a […]

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Of Dogs and Curse

Oldest trick in the blogosphere – Copy-paste moderately interesting GTalk conversation and pass it off as a post. Slightly new but fairly questionable trick in the blogosphere – Copy-paste and alter (no wait..more like lobotomize) moderately interesting GTalk conversation and pass it off as a post. I had a chat with my younger brother, who is attempting to make a living out of counseling and helping intellectually challenged and visually […]

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The standard algorithm goes this way: When (bad events happen) Show visceral anger at the perpetrators and make a bold claim that the event did not really hurt us and that we stand strong and will get on with our lives. Cliched as it is, it feels strange if nobody says it, so the temptation to join that bandwagon is rather hard to resist.  So as long as we quickly […]

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Crepuscular humour


There is dark humour, and then there is crepuscular humour. Good examples of the dark variety make one laugh and cry at the same time. The crepuscular variety, on the other hand, makes one laugh and then leaves a residue of utter misery at the bottom of ones oesophagus and a strong proclivity, as the great Groucho once put it, to join a club and beat some one on the […]

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