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My mood of Ghajini


It’s too late to write a review, but never too late for some statistical analysis of Ghajini. is good fun indeed. So, here’s the thing. I am sure this blog’s audience can come up with funnier Graphjam graphs about Ghajini. Send them to me ( and I’ll feature the funniest ones in this post. Update Vivek points out that while Soup contains Hot Water, the vice versa is usually […]

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Bogus Arguments, a play for two

Cast Bogus Argumenter Naive Vaguely-smiling-face (Ilicchavaayan) Prologue: The Trigger Naive Vaguely-smiling-face: Do not waste food. Act 1 (and only 1) BA: Ah. I see. Let me ask you a question. NVSF: Go ahead BA: Let’s say that I overestimated the amount of rice I can tuck in without imploding. I then say – “Oh damn. What a waste. But wait! There’s always Nandini, the unfriendly neighbourhood milkman’s friendly cow”. I […]

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The Infinite Monkey 2.0 has a go at 2008

I sat down today wondering why January 1 was considered the beginning of the year. Turns out it’s nothing astronomical (it’s about 10 days after Winter Solstice) or even anything religious (It’s 6 days after Christmas) for that matter. It was apparently the day when Roman consuls, Voluptuous Arteriosclerosus and Gluteus Maximus began their year in office in 153 BC. I was also reminded of the word “laconic” and the […]

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