My mood of Ghajini

It’s too late to write a review, but never too late for some statistical analysis of Ghajini.









ghajini-vasool is good fun indeed. So, here’s the thing. I am sure this blog’s audience can come up with funnier Graphjam graphs about Ghajini. Send them to me ( and I’ll feature the funniest ones in this post.


Vivek points out that while Soup contains Hot Water, the vice versa is usually not true


And Chittaranjan realizes that Sanjay is even more unique than we originally thought he was


Manish has worked out another equation involving the transformation of CEO Aamir to Killer Aamir


And of course, the growing acceptance of “Tamilization” up north


And for some alternative Ghajini tattoos, don’t miss this one from Arun

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  1. Best review ever. About anything ;)

  2. How about the probability of using Poloroids in a Bollywood movie especially when they are no longer being manufactured and cell phone cameras a dime a dozen?

  3. Excellent one, Ashok!! The points you made are spot-on!!

    Personally: I would fall in the green part of the graph… “Tamil version was better” :)

  4. ah this is too much we should now unleash the six-pack thayir-sadam maama!

    high-n-gear maamas are already a step ahead in the Ghajinification with shanku-chakram tatoos!

  5. i say this must be made the standard for reviewing a movie.. short terse and highly communicative..

    and will someone pls tell me what it says on his hand? my dog is shah-(????)

    looking forward to contributions from others

  6. that was great Krish!

    probably the first time a movie has been reviewed in simple math terms..

    you need a graph of tattoo type/size vs strategic location on body..

  7. What’s the y-axis on the last graph (the one titled Paisa Vasool)?

  8. Hindi actor = six-pack abs.

    Tamil actor = beer belly.

    See, we go straight for the content without worrying about packaging.

  9. @patrix: i think polaroids are still commonly available. but ur point about cell phone cameras/digicams is so totally valid that i am surprised others and myself have not thought of it (at least in all the reviews i read).. but then again, they could have had a digicam in memento itself no..

  10. LOL@ Shah-Tzu (@sangu: in re: to Shin Tzu, a breed of dog)

    But methinks that since the ‘Find Him’ on the left arm was unmirrored, the Shah-Tzu also should have been like that…straight!

  11. why are the tattoos mirrored at all?

  12. minor faux pas… sanjay ramasami was a harvard mba as well…

  13. aahaa, sooper stuff! graphjam is great.
    i am yet to see hindi ghajini before agreeing on the asin aspect though – ippidi solliputtengaley :-(
    as always, u rock.

  14. i remember reading somewhere that aamir khan had named his dog shah rukh. hence the shah and shih tzu is a dog breed, hence the tzu. am i right or is it too complex an analysis? anybody, plis to help.

  15. hee hee personally i wud prefer the tax saving ad rather than the tamil/hindi version of ghajini!

  16. LOL!! awesome review… errr. analysis! Wish I’d read it before I wasted good money on a bad movie.

  17. The khan venn diagram is great one. I am voting for “Tamil version”.

  18. Missing a statistic on tattoos…

  19. Haha. super review.
    ‘Harvard grads who write handwritten diaries in hindi’ – infinitely improbable.
    HAHA. idhellam naa observe-e pannele. thank u thank u.

  20. Khan Venn Fail!

    MPK is also Khan no?
    Or did you mean to put some Hrithik starrer there?

  21. Awesome!! your review’s like a culinary dish with a dash of mathematics, statistics, ultra wide angle thought process. wholesome and entertaining.
    adding you to my blogroll.

  22. not yet seen the hindi-gajini

    Excellent review , I have ever seen.

  23. Excellent analysis!! Though it’s ironical you have to watch the movie to understand it and then only can you laugh :-)

  24. If ever proof was needed that the economy was in downturn here it is…I marvel at the time people seem to have lately..

  25. interesting this time how both you and greatbong have borrowed the whole asin-ine thing from raja sen on rediff.

  26. Wow. … damn funny.
    U work a lot for a single post. … quite adorable thing.

  27. Baley! Konnuputeenga thalaivaa.. Please do a review of a Simbu movie.. Preferably ‘Ankle Ornament Shake Dance’

  28. very, very funini
    pls to be graphjaming in future reviews.

  29. Shappa Mudiyala….

    Asokey, epadeenga ongalala mattum ippadi yosikka mudiyudhu……..

    Sema Kalakkal….

  30. Nice! Really, like Rahman is back with Dilli 6, you are back with a super post. I did think the last few were not great by your standards. Of course, you have yourself to blame! :p

  31. Awesome analysis. ROTFL. Still deciding which is the best one.. the Harvard Grad writing diary in Hindi or the Asin-ine effect..

  32. ROTFL on Ain-ine effect….. five fingers on the black board…you have an extra dose of humor hormones I say…

  33. Well everytime you start to think that Love stories are out of fashion our directors come out with a lil difference in script and packaging and BOOM !! you have a hit .. Om Shnati Om, Kaho na pyaar hai , Ghajini all proofs of it.. I am still wondering that why did the Tamil Ghajini even ran for innumerable days in theatres. Seems like we need to conclude that Aamir has jus turned out to be better entrepreneur than a filmaker. :D

  34. Lajawaab review !!!!!!!!!1

  35. Boss, no Ghajini avataar from you ? :o

  36. Outstanding!!
    Loved it!!

  37. Dude, One thing is confirmed for me after I read the above imbecile review.
    That was complete GAYISH.

    Are YOU GAY??
    In case you need a gay partner I know a gay for ya.

    Ashok: Wow, that’s a first on this blog. Now, here are my thoughts on your educated guess:
    1. Till today, I wasn’t aware that there is a “blogpost” test for gayness. That one can deduce sexual preferences by reading/viewing some one’s blogpost content. Interesting.
    2. Interestingly, I originally thought there was no word called “gayish” but oh Google, you naughty Google, I now found out that “gayish” actually means “Not completely gay / noticibly feminine, but not known to be homosexual”, so perhaps you made a reference to my semi-longish, “feminine” hair when you said “gayish”. And since I don’t particularly consider being called “feminine” a pejorative, I’ll take that as a compliment
    3. But right after that, you go ahead and confuse me by asking me if I have a sexual preference for men. The answer to that is, despite your clearly patentable blogpost-test, no.
    4. Since you seem to have partner procurement skills , and unfortunately, per point nr 3, I am not in need of your services, I could point you to friends of mine who might be interested, but even there, I’d suggest you not get your hopes up because most of them tend to locate their partners by themselves.
    5. This might be a bit of stretch, but clearly you seem to associate the act of writing imbecile reviews with “gayness”, and I am afraid I have to disagree there. In general, sexual preferences tend to have no bearing on writing qualities. If anything, and this is only hearsay, gay men tend to be more sensitive and often make sharper observations of nature.

    ps: “Mr Rocker” is a lovely name. Reminds me of the 1980s, Big hair Metal bands, guys wearing leather pants etc.

    ps: I would have shared your contacts with interested parties right away but unfortunately you seem to belong to the tribe that usually does not use a real identity/email when commenting on blogs

  38. lol. graphjam’s cool indeed. and here’s one like Arun’s :

  39. This fucker krishna is simply sooper talented in writing blogs[ No not an iota of surcasm here ]. Having been forced to read blogs about Aamir’s dogs, and Amitabh’s even more worthless slumdog fundaes, this blog is quite a reprieve for a MADRASI like me.
    Ashok: Who’s krishna?

  40. hahaha….Sooper post I say. I’m doing a course on info graphics and going mad with it…this came at the beshtu possibal time :)

    @rukminiram: the tattoos are mirrored so that khan can read it when he looks in the mirror, or when he looks down at himself. :P Imagine spending time to read the damn reflection, he’d probably end up in a time warp-forgetting remembering forgetting. But then not all the tattoos need to be reverse. Sooper ADs i say.

  41. All of us have 6-packs . The difference is : some have 6-pack abs, some have the belly u get from drinking 6-pack beers. Trying desperately to transition from the latter to the former . (My best friend and coach ,Vasu , had 6-pack abs long-long ago, and is still very trim .) And your reply to Mr Off-His-Rocker is very, very patient and moderate.

  42. Fantastic whatever-it-is (dunno if i should call it a review!) :) Wish you could do this for CC2C :P

  43. well one thing i have missed till now is the climax of both tamil and hindi…just can’t get myself to watch it…got bugged half way :)

  44. rgd mr rocker’s comment, y on earth are u giving him so much velakkam?

  45. because we have not yet migrated to Mars. God Forbid that Mr Off-His-Rocker should be our Rocket-Mate !!! On Mars we need time to settle down, set up stuff etc , so better to give velakkam on earth itself .

  46. PS contd .. along the y axis, with unit vector “u”

  47. Hahaha. Always wanted to do Desi graphjams. Nice stuff as usual. Must have done a slight connnect to the actual Mohammad of Ghazni (both movies missed the connect anyway and if any existed, the juntae don’t know… or at least I don’t). :D

  48. forget the post..that was funny …its a given…i laughed more at ur reply to Mr.Rocker..heheheh..kennai ku he is!

  49. hey, this was a completely refreshing review of the much-hackneyed film, i must say!

  50. Well, a Har*d*vard MBA grad probably finds it Hard to find Vards in yingliss, and hence writes diary in hindi.

    Awesome post :)

  51. Thanks for ‘graphing up’ my text. :D
    Well Illustrated.

  52. Good try at giving movie reviews a new look but probably it is important to understand that 90% of the people who are the target audience of this movie or any movie are those who may not be able to follow your review hence Gajni will still be making more money. The reason why the movie became a good hit is that in general there has not been a revenge formula in main stream for a while and by the time people understand that there was no logic in the movie, it collected 200 crores and I am not surprised you took so long to write your review which I guess was because of the same reason.

    Quodos to the producers for coming up with Gajini – a successful commercial venture – who wants logic anyway

  53. I pity you for this worthless review.
    Desi films are made for entertainment..and who cares of logic.
    Even hollywood masala flicks lacks logic.
    End of the day,its the boxoffice and entertainment wat matters to filmy junta & aam janta respe’vly.

    Better put your efforts in something productive.

  54. Dear Movie Lover, Lets apply your argument to Krish Ashok’s review itself. Who cares for box office, filmy janta, and mango ( aam) janta, Krish Ashok’s review is a billion times more entertaining than any Masala movie
    of whatever wood’s it may be, Holly, Bolly, or Kolly, Krish Ashok’s blogspot is Jolly-wood and Infinitely Good.

  55. CONTD or PS : . … And re “Better put your efforts in something productive” , Who said that brilliant creativity is measured by mundane , grimy concepts of productivity? What about the increase in productivity of ppl who get refreshed by KA’s blogs , and are then able to put in a fresh hour or 2 of extra work?

  56. re Sheba Kunhimohammed : Very good insight, in other words, “out of evil cometh good”

  57. to K Ramachandran – KA annan’s rasigar manram president postukku naanum oru competition. mind eet! ;-) on a more serious note, i agree with KR completely – it is always refreshing to read the posts and restart work.
    why do ppl like movie lover have to waste time and read such ‘illogical posts’ and pass even more illogical comments? enzoy your idle time and stop polambalattams.

  58. Thanq, Ranga !! Gr8 idea !!! we could call the manram KARMI in India, and KARMA in the USA

  59. My wife suggests I shud tatoo the grocery list on my hand as i usually forget what i need to get by the time i reach the store. A funny take … LOL on all graphs.

  60. KRamachandran saar, deal soopper
    Karmi is ok :-)
    imagine Karmam (for Krish Ashok Rasigar Manram America where AM is for america) !!!Karmam will then have a different meaning, with moi as president. vendaam.
    hmm.. KARMA is beshtu names, i am loving it ;-)
    the others, sorry for the spam, i just couldn’t resist replying to an earlier comment.

  61. I can simply say, FANTABULOUS!!!!!

  62. After enduring the Ghajini ordeal, I swore I would never even mention the G-word to anyone. Just the thought brought tears to my eyes..

    Then, the statistical analysis happened..

  63. I just realised this post cn be used as a boss-fooler.. In case he is watching frm afar, the graphs would make it seem like you are working!

  64. dude…
    its harvard and not hardvard…
    you desis can never understand my hindi diary!
    shame on you!

  65. Man, did u actually sit and do this?
    Ashok: If your question relates to my general physical disposition at the time of composing this post, the answer is yes – I was, in fact, “sitting” at that time, but if your question is more metaphorical in nature and hinting at my seemingly abundant reserves of that precious thing called Time, the answer is no. It did not take too much time at all. Try graphjam and you will realize it yourself.

  66. Outstanding! God u need to deserve some award directly from Aamir for writing such brilliant review of Ghajini. I loved esp. “probability” pf harvard guy using a diary and pie-chart of review! Too good :D
    I have forwarded this review to all my friends who loved this movie :D

  67. I meant u deserve and not need to deserve*in my earlier comment… quite a typo from me I think :P

  68. Its jus too awesome Ashok… Quite hilarious.. with all the fundaes that u have given its jus amazing.

    I wondered how Asin did the exact screen play twice in her life. I felt both the movies were entertaining but lacked the value for money.

  69. Get Office 2007. Better graphs. More org chart templates.

    You never mentioned about music?

  70. Hey this Graphjam is quite cool. Thanks Ashok

  71. Where’s the next post….how can you be so irresponsible? There are eager fans of yours hoping to de-stress with you utterly witty posts, and you dont write a post days together!

  72. Please, sir, we want some more !!!

  73. KA, how irresponsible of you to drive away trolls with comebacks. Don’t hack-a-shaq, feed him!

  74. great post thalaiva!! just noticed something you might have overlooked.. you’ve provided your mail address as it is on the post.. the bots will get you for sure.. maybe something like [abc] [at] gmail dot com would have been better

  75. ROFL :-D This was too good..

  76. Its a Request to the blog owner plz don’t remove this comment and read site is for millions of educated,talented,beautiful and nice well cultured girls and guys who don’t want to take and give dowry to get we are trying to match these peoples.its a great genuine efforts for clean society.its a non profit making site.
    Ashok: Since you request, I’ll leave this comment alone. But copy pasting the same thing on 20 other posts is not quite the right blog marketing strategy methinks. So I’m afraid I’m going to have to remove the rest of them.

  77. hello sir,

    just check out this guy called “Zaid Hamid” on You Tube. I am sure you will find him interesting (and pakis in general)

  78. Hey!!! a great post…. Good one…!!! As someone mentioned… pls… scratch ur head for CC2C too!!! (I understand if you think its torture… many will agree)…. :-)

  79. thanks ashok you are really such a nice and kind hearted man.

  80. Hey KA,

    Loved your post and I’ll give graph-jam a shot for sure.

    I think I remember hearing a news reader say that Aamir was pretty upset that every one kept mentioning “6-pack” because he had apparently “shed tears for an 8-pack”

    6/8 .. whatever .. Really enjoyed the post!

  81. Gahajini was like a subtitle track that helped me get an idea of what Memento was about. Memento would have fared well in the middle-east as most of it was from end to beginning…
    About Asin – I think, except you, nobody (including the director) would look out for ‘acting talents’ in her. If you had, you’ve missed a lot many other things.

  82. very nice one…

    laughed at many of the pics :)

  83. Whatever that was!
    It was good!
    Like I remember from some mad movie…
    (In faked cantonese chwyneese accent)
    Man! Thaa was goo shii!
    I agree with the Asinine graph…
    I wanted to run out of Dasavathaaram screaming Perumaaley… and plucking clumps of hair out of scalp…
    She was bad!
    About the above comment on you being gay…
    It’s kind of obvious you are married…
    I am now confused on what that guy read..
    looking forward to more such reviews… lol :P

  84. There is apparently a lot for me to ascertain outside of my books. Thanks for the wonderful read,

  85. dude, i forgot what i read :) ..just kidding always what you write stays in the memory (albeit short one)..kidding again :)

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    him. Pretty sure he will have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!

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