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Anatomy of a disastrous Indian vacation, part 3


So far: We made to the foothills of the Himalays, by plane, no train, some autos and a whole lot of non-mobile things. Here’s part 1 and part 2 <nondisaster> The music of the hills was all around us. It enveloped us, stuck a Rs 20 stamp and airmailed us to a dreamscape where the mighty Khang-chen-dzon-ga towered above jagged snowcapped peaks and Yetis were picknicking on the glaciers while […]

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Anatomy of a disastrous Indian vacation, part 2

Here is part 1 In the previous episode: After an exciting, fun-filled flight cancellation experience at the airport, Ashok and gang found themselves at the Esplanade bus stand staring at what they were told would be a Volvo. Read on…to find out what it really turned out to be. Background music plays. (Break for Gopal palpodi and Ramraj dhoties ads) The State-of-the-Jamshedpur Tata Bus was in front of us, a […]

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Anatomy of a disastrous Indian vacation, part 1


I just came back from a vacation. Make that a typically Indian, ridiculously, disastrously, catastrophically, wtfically craptacular vacation. A vacation brokered and broken by Kingfisher and Spicejet. In the words of Maddox, if foggy Himalayan hill-stations and fresh mountain air were the twin towers of enjoyable vacations, Kingfisher and Spicejet would be the two planes that crash into them. Stop. No wait. Make that, in the words of the legendary […]

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