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Indian Film Song Lyrics


I cannot resist Graphjam so here we are. Indian Film song lyrics explained with simple graphs. I promise, this will be the second last time I will be “inspired” (like Anu Malik) to remix a popular Internet meme for desi purposes. First we explore the Hindi Film Industry, or as Cineblitz chooses to acronymize, HiFI UPDATE: My 90 minute drive back home from office resulted in these Priyank gives us […]

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Swamijis and Science


Dear Spiritually Enlightened Person on TV in the mornings (and late nights), I must first thank you for sharing your wisdom and understanding of the human condition with the masses. In the frenetic rat race we call urban life, your skillfully presented nuggets of common sense, wrapped in insightful readings of mythology and scripture, provide a small yet valuable window of time for people to introspect. But I have problem […]

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28 days in Asuraland

The month of February was a busy one in Asuraland. 3 days before Valentine’s day Jilpasura was nervous. Choosing a valentine’s day’s gift for Hidimba Jr. was not an easy task. The musical greeting card he gave her last year didn’t go too well despite the fact that the music* was composed by none other than the Master of the Fender Veenacaster, Ravana, himself. She had asked him if he […]

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