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Meme uvaacha


Good stories are memes. They tend to spread, not merely by faithful reproduction, but despite purposeful remixing over the years. The Mahabharatha is no exception. The story grew in its telling and it is now embedded firmly in the Indian psyche. But I do not think we are doing enough to remix the fundamental themes in this epic. Thanks to BR Chopra and his garish, un-nuanced and heavily sanitized version […]

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Left, Right and Centre


Everyday morning in Africa India, a gazelle wakes up and heads over to a nearby pond, opens up a bottle of Maanpaal Palpodi and washes his teeth. At that very moment, a lion wakes up and heads over to the same pond and after some stretches and mane scratching, gargles. The gazelle, who really should be running for his life at this point, says instead “Wassup Simba?”. The lion then […]

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