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I took one last drag from my cigar and rang my receptionist and asked her to send in the first patient of the day. I walked over to the record player and put on “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”. Mozart always had this effect of putting my patients at ease, and got them talking not long after they had settled down on the couch. I had tried Stravinsky in the past, but […]

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Sigh Fie Chen High, episode 2: The GM Test


This is a sequel to Sigh Figh Chen Igh, in terms of it being set in the same fictional universe. It’s also rather Madras centric, so for those not from this city, migrate here if you wish to make sense of this post. On an unrelated note, somebody saw it fit to interview me. The laboratory had a laid-back look, contrary to the popular cliche that busy, messy labs are […]

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Fake Fake IPL Player Blog post

As I was Titan watching the DLF IPL, It Ford Pickup struck me as CBS Dan Rather unfortunate that Bharti Indian cricket commentary had Parryware Kitchen sunk to Aavin appalling depths where commentators have to Anchor plug brand names into every sentence they Pillsbury utter. MDH Masala seasoned campaigners like MTR Ravi Dosa Shastri are now tongue Park Avenue tied as their regular cliches need to be Escorts Hospital surgically […]

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