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Concentration Camps

I once met a vibrant young chap at an Open source conference who did not have very nice things to say about his college. So, it was about time this was done, was it not? ps 0: In case you don’t see the subtitles, check to see if the “Closed Captioning” option is on. ps 1: The subtitles are easier to read in full-screen mode Update 0: As mistaken_identity […]

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History, with commentary from Rediff


I wake up everyday, lethargic and lacking in vim and verve. I grab my morning tea, but that shot of caffeine does not do enough to jolt me into my normally hyperactive self. Then I open Firefox and start typing “re” in the awesome bar. It gives me two choices – reddit and rediff. The decision making algorithm in my left hemisphere ponders at this critical juncture of my day […]

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Board beyond relief


I realized that I mentioned board games in my last post but never ended up getting to it, so a quick followup was in order. I have always had an unhealthy obsession with board games. Having grown up learning chess at a very early age from my grandmother (She called the Rook “Elefend” and the Queen “Kyoon”), I soon developed a taste for turn based dice games, after realizing that […]

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