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Kaka Kronicles: Astrology Fail

I refuse to believe that they launched this thing without any astrological considerations

Surely, somebody, somewhere in the dark recesses of ISRO is speculating that the launch of Chandrayaan was astrologically inauspicious, and that the failure to account for the Katapayaadi Sankhya of Mars being malefic in Capricorn while calculating the launch time. Or perhaps it was Rahu kaalam when it went on its way. Original Image credits: Johniponken

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What was I crowing about anyway?


Did you know that regular urban crows in Madras, the ones with the grey neck have a caw that is distinctly atonal and harsh sounding compared to the larger jungle crows (Ravens, Andankaakka), which have a softer, tonally pleasing caw despite their unfortunate (and mythical, I might add) employment as Yama’s messengers. Perhaps it was by design. If ravens are harbingers of doom, it makes a certain morbid sense for […]

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Dear Lonely Planet

Update before you read this: Lonely Planet seems to be in the process of editing their piece on Madras since this post. Some of inaccurate references are now gone, but the opening paragraph is still nasty and compared to Delhi, still a turn off. But all the same, thank you LP, for your quick response. I am hoping that the editorial team actually does some real research this time before […]

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Sigh Fie, Chen High, episode 4: The Parallelogue

Preface Update: The general feedback says that the original preface was a little dense, so I’ve moved it to the end, because denser/heavier things always sink to the bottom. The following tale is set in an alternate Madras universe. It’s called “The Parallelogue” The Parallelogue The bus was 47A. Behind it was engraved There was once a girl from Madras, who was wheatish, demure and BA pass. She ran into […]

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