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The Slacker’s Dilemma

The fact that most managers dont use the web to cross check excuses comprehensively proves that all managers are n00bs

There’s a scene from my all-time favourite TV show “The Wire” where one of the drug kingpin’s lieutenant grabs hold of a sheet of paper that one of his underlings seems to be writing on and asks incredulously – “Don’t tell me you are writing the minutes of a meeting to discuss criminal conspiracy!” and then proceeds to shred it to pieces. Well, the actual words used were a little […]

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Crowded Planet’s Guide to Hong Kong


The most pervasive philosophical message that has hounded me all of last month has been this Your flight has been delayed due to late arrival of incoming aircraft Yes. I’ve been traveling more than my DVT affected blood vessels can take and eating more microwaved-to-oblivion aircraft meals than my digestive system can tolerate. But between all of the nastiness of the travel itself, I’ve enjoyed visiting these places. This post […]

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