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Mile Sur Mera Tomorrow? Fail

Screen shot 2010-01-26 at 11.51.54 PM

I woke up today, did my morning ablutions (Freshen teeth, Refresh Twitter) and quickly realized from a cursory glance at my browser that India Inc. had rebooted, reprised, refreshed, renewed and re-engineered Mile Sur Mera Tumhara. As the unauthor of the unauthorized uncut undocumentary on version 1.0, I was more than looking forward to find out if this new one was a case of “Empire Strikes Back” or Windows Vista. […]

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The internet is filled with memes, and some memes have this annoying habit of not going away, like the Hitler downfall meme for instance. Just when we all breathe a collective sigh of relief at its demise, some jerk wants to tell the world that Hitler was not amused at some trivial issue, and every social news site, Twitter update and blog post flogs this dead Nazi horse again. But, […]

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Kumbakonam Degree Copy

Update: The video has been now been removed, and one hopes it will be back up with credits going to the original script writer I saw this today And then realized that our Lavanya Mohan had, in Nov 2008, deviously time-traveled to Jan 2010 and with immense patience, listened to and wrote down the dialogues in this video by Charukesh Sekar (co-written by Vichar Hari) and turned into a blogpost […]

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The quick Dan Brown foxes and jumps over lazy reader dogs


My first Dan Brown book was The Da Vinci Code, which when translated fully to English curiously becomes “The Of Vinci Code”. Of course, the incorrect juxtaposition of an article and a preposition wasn’t something that bothered me as I raced through what I thought was a throughly enjoyable story. The Da Vinci code was undeniably unputdownable, especially if one had little better to do. But after Angels & Demons, […]

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Top Technology Trends That Transformed Tamilnadu This Tecade


The first decade of the new millennium has come to an end. As a reader, you are typically presented with a whole cornucopia of ‘Best/ Worst of the Decade’ features on every Tom’s newspaper, Dick’s magazine and Harry’s Pottery website. ‘Top 10’, ‘Five most important’, ‘20 greatest hits’. And so on. If the feature is not a list of some sort, it is probably a retrospective where people who believe […]

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