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A day in the life of an I.T. Bachelor, chapter 3: Break up

Imagine what immense service Microsoft could do for humanity by just removing Algerian from being the first item in the Font dropdown

Here is┬ápart 1 and part 2. Barring the occasional edit, this is more or less untouched, although I have cut out an entire section from the end to keep the length manageable. This is the final part. Chapter 3: Break up The sugar syrup vending machine now had a security guard who was checking ID cards before letting us fill our cups. The guard dutifully squinted at our ID cards […]

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A day in the life of an I.T. Bachelor, chapter 2: Check up

Here is part 1. As I was transcribing part 2, I realized that the ponderious dadabudality of Ashok from 7 years ago was getting rather tiresome. So I decided to brutally hack long sentences and banish every GRE word to 14 years of exile. Also made it a little more contemporary. Chapter 2: Check up After managing to retrieve my ID card using the neighbour’s broomstick through the front window, […]

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