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The Tale of Gregory, part 1

If you are wondering what this post has to do with some one named “Gregory”, it will be clarified at the every end (like an S Ve Sekar play) In a another couple of weeks, I will finally move into my own apartment. What took us so long, one might ask and the response to that is, I felt, worth a blog post. I got married in a fusion Iyer-Nair […]

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A quick roundup

Eventually it turned out that Pathan and Sehwag did very little damage, but then I am not a cricket analyst, just a humourist, haha

As many of you might have assumed, I have not been slacking off, lazing around and being generally unproductive. I’ve just been slacking off and lazing around while doing a fair bit of writing (and diagramming) as a result of the Indian Premier League. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, this is a bit of a roundup. When the IPL started, Sify commissioned me to do […]

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