Madras Map


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  1. To Weekendboozapuram? Ye gods and its little fishes!

  2. very funny :)
    Presidency ghaleej……VISAlakshee kovil :))

    still laughing.

  3. Whats the hindu tempreature spot 1 and 2?
    Ashok: Nungambakkam and Meenambakkam :)

  4. a bombayite with a heart for chennai ; have been to chennai every year for the last 28 years on holiday and let me tell u this is hilarious stuff

    miss being a chennaite

  5. that was funny..
    actually you could have added more

  6. Hahahaha – Hindu daily temperature spot #1 and #2. I’m helpless. Please . .stop . . now . . heeheehee . . . [collapses to the ground, clutching stomach]

  7. Hindu temperature spot #1 and #2 reminds me of only thing.. In school, students had to read out news in the morning assembly.. and our school (for some unknown reason) attracted students from the North Eastern states staying in the hostel. One fine day, one guy reads: “Weather Report: Minimumbakkam ..” the whole school burst out laughing!

  8. Hi,

    Which part is Bombyxmorinagar?



  9. Wee booties? Surely not, there are too many of them (us?) for that to be true.

    And even if it were true, why make these er..private admissions public?

  10. Cool map! Weekendboozapuram … ha ha !

  11. Sirika matrum sindhikka vaikreenga……Ultimate!

    Please come up with the other areas too……….

  12. I liked Bombyxmorinagar.How true!

  13. add more plzzz… can u draw one for bangalore.. let me try one keeping this as inspiration :)

  14. Presidency galeej……VISAlakshee kovil… pirated mall… oh god… mudila da saami.. semma :D

  15. Hilarious!! Never knew there was a funny version of the Chennai map too!
    Semma!! :D

  16. your are really funny man, nice nicknames

  17. shabba… ROFTL!!! seriously super dooper names… idhadhan touristnga kita kudukanum pa…

  18. I noticed this … What exactly is a kurudhai? I thought they called it a Kudhurai? Don’t they?

  19. ‘JEE-Spot’ oh man…, thats creative..

    Good work.

  20. Outright Hilarious! especially VISAlakshi temple and COBOL!!!

  21. I dread to think how we would know how hot yesterday was…. if those two The Hindu daily temp sites were to go down !!

  22. JEE-Spot… where did you even think of that??? AWESOMENESS!

  23. Hey! I am new to you.
    You are hyper in humour :-))

  24. Bombyxmorinagar – What is it exactly? Can anyone explain?

  25. ha ha ha.. super duper creativity saaar!!! :)

  26. woah woah.. goo worm river!!!!!! :D <3 <3 the blog!! keep the blog on!!

  27. hmmm i don’t get most of the hard-core Chennai jokes included here (I think the only one I got was JEE zone)

    pls explain we booties territory

  28. Trauma queen,

    Wee-booties territory (read as vibhuthis territory) is i guess Mylapore area (populated by iyers).
    Naa Mumz territory (read as naamams territory) is triplicane area with iyengar population…

  29. thanks Arun!

    I was really wondering how on earth Chennai could have a booties area that i did not know of – hyuck hyuck

  30. Hey man, you are a versatile genius!! Eye for detail and great sense of humou!!!

  31. Could we order T-Shirts of this map in your site??

  32. Only a Chennaite can understand and Enjoy it.


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