Plog = Picture Blog, specifically a complete listing of images, cartoons and photoshop monstrosities from a blog to save right-brained people the effort of having to read text.

Update: More picture based experiments can be found at Tambrahm Rage 

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When Venus meets Ravi Varma, and borrows clothing for honour purposes,

+ =

On the Lakshanamistification of the Lady Gioconda

On why Renoir must not be allowed to encourage louws parties to roam around freely


The header for The Glossarie of Carnatick Season Terminologie for Peter Purposes, featuring Master T and Da Mistah T.


On going through a short 2 day phase of blogger performance pressure after a series of popular posts.


On a noble attempt at giving readers free career advancement advice.


Educating the masses about the correct version of the Decibel scale.


The Facebook news-feed for the Mahabharatha.


The world’s only living paper mill.

Introducing the Dark Lord of the Siddha, Darth Vaadhiar.


His advice to do Sandhi 3 times a day.


The Jalsa and Jilpa recommendation to Google on what a Tambramized Orkut profile badge must look like.


Warning signs that, sadly, are not printed by the folks at Sivakasi.

Kaka Kronicles, episode #6 – On why scorpions cannot sting Tyrannosauri.

On Newtonian Alternative histories – The Apple path

The Penguin Path.

The (shudder) Windows Path.

On the blatant exploitation of Internet memes

On an attempt to clarify the origin of Gobi Manchurian.

King Lear of Saidapet.

The Prince of Denmark.

Mark “Full Peter” Antony.

Balcony Louws with Bappi da soundtrack.

On not being a fan of Radiocity “Whatte” fun.

Bourne Again in Kollywood.

The “Adam’s” Bridge

The Cadbury Housing Society for Crawling things.

On the Shiv Sena’s love affair with a Social Networking Site.

On Beverages that are good for plants.

On why I am not a fan of Go Air.

109 replies

  1. pls tell me i am losing it – i can see my email id and blog URL near the Penguin Path.

    What number for Shankar Netralaya?

  2. Amazing! I bow to thee! I have spent the last 2 hours reading post over post of your blog and I still dont feel like stopping… :D I am sure to keep coming back every day now onwards!


  3. Same here……….. i am amazed at your photoshop(?) skills. Fundoo pics, its 4 in the morning and i chanced on this place by 11.30 pm………

  4. You are a genius !!!

  5. I really liked your Plog on Mahabaratha and the post on Ramayanapedia. Terrific job.

  6. My maiden visit to your blog and Man, y0u are something! The Mahabharata Facebook feed, it needs genius to even conceive such an idea. Great going buddy :)

  7. Instead of spending my time productively to wrap up work today(a Saturday), I have spent the last 2 hrs laughing my gut out.
    Getting such a sense of deja vu…Great stuff(esp the Facebook feed)!!

  8. GOD!

    I bow to thee! :)

    I have spent the whole day, reading your blog, and I am nowhere close to getting even slightly bored.

  9. A person cannot have this much creativity. Which stellar system are you from?

  10. Kalakara Machi.. Super da! Una madri oru all than “The Hindu” vekanum.. apayavathu india pozhaikum!!

    You’re posts are too good! Rocks!


  11. Terrific ! Riproaring. Loved it every bit.
    You rock man.

  12. One creative blog boss. I will keep coming regularly to read.

  13. The orkut thing with Nakshatram gothram was awesome – knowing that the Iyers comm is totally filled with threads and polls related to gothram, nakshatram/raasi… and many most topics on marriage

  14. ROFL!

    Oh man, dude, you’re not even human!

  15. Brrrrilliant!! Loved it!! Am going to tout this website like mad to anyone who’ll listen :D!!

  16. Facebook is a killer!!!

  17. Brilliant….haven’t laughed so much in a while!! :-D

  18. Best blog i have ever come across

  19. Great job! Keep it up…
    Loved the Mahabharat pic :)

  20. This is my first visit to your blog. And it is so cool! I mean, you are really one of the best that I have come across.. amazing creativity..amazing rock dude!!! Keep going like this. People like you should take over this world and then it wud be so much more of a better place to live in!!

  21. I am not jealous of your PS skills but I am jealous of ur sense of humor, you suck :P

  22. the mahabharath pic was ulti !!!

  23. Another fan to the khaitan club..yours humbly..

  24. Ultimate photoshop gimics. Way to go..

  25. dear..oh…dear…this is toooo good…yer article in Sunday Express rocks too…

  26. Please post a picture of your wife and tell us more about that amazingly kuduthuvechaval (stuff like how she landed someone like you.)

    Oh, and, while you’re at it, could you point us in the direction of others such as yourself only….single and looking. :P

  27. I am having an absolutely wonderful time reading your blogs and viewing your plog. Amazing!

  28. I chanced on ur blog yesterday afternoon and am still here. Great writ-ings / pic-ings / haha-ings.

    Thangalai student aagai pathurkavendum. Oru ragalaya irundirrukum nenaykaran.

    Web 2.0 labs is in great hands :-)

  29. After readin thru ur blog I now understand of what it takes to be a Web2.0 Guru.. :)

    ‘Awesome’ is the word..

  30. I echo unwedintheusa’s comment on July 4, 2008 above!

    How come we – single smart supposedly very eligible TamBrahm ponnus – end up being stalked by creepy Indian despo males rather than getting “put” by talented guys …sigh

    Rather fed up :(

  31. ^

    You are a genius and u r in trouble! :)

  32. Hey Krish,

    Where’s the Barack O, B.A., M.A. pic? That is one of my favourites :)

    Carry on Doing Blog and Showing Plog.

  33. BRILLIANT…. you have brought out the best of chennai.. CHANCE EH ILLA MAN!!!! sooper… it would also be great if you can write about the tamil dubbed jackie chan and jurassic park films..

    WAT EH PLOG!!!

  34. one word to describe your abilities KILLER!!!

  35. Just read your post on plogs …submitted by a user …great humour …..( :-) )20

    Dubbagol Team

  36. Digitally Creative and Brilliant Stuff!
    Just how d’ya do it yaar?
    Great! Keep it up!

  37. you da maan !!! :D !
    priceless !!!

  38. this is sooo brilliant…especially facebook one!!

  39. I stumbled upon it when one of your numerous fans passed me your blog. Amazing work. I have had not a laughter of these “Bayangara” nature for some while. You made my day..

    The one on facebook rocks. Also heard your music albums. Good work Krish. :)

    Do i get an appointment to meet you when i come back sometime? :D

  40. During a presentation to a particular client who wanted to know what was Web 2:0, your website was cited as example. Ha ha. Keep it up mate!!

  41. Hello!
    Just bumped into your blog. Lol amazing stuff machan! :-)

  42. came here thru Smitha’s blog and what an happening blog u have got man!!

  43. I was a regular reader of ur column Globalised Gapsaa on Zeitgeist, NIE. But its sad that I dont see it nowadays there. I happened to attend ur blog workshop at Saarang, IIT-Madras and I was really fascinated by the work you do Webspace.
    I’m planning to start a blog of my own, dont know if it’ll take off… ;)
    Keep blogging… :)

  44. I love your blog and plog!! amazing!! it made my day.. thank you

  45. New plogs, please?

  46. I bow to thee!! too much creatvities r there!!

  47. Supercalfrajalistikespiallidocious !!!
    @unwedintheusa : ultimate compliment !!
    @ thru-blog-internet-matrimonially-inclined : dont fall for the A.Raghavan in Orkut who has copied and pasted KA’s stuff, he is an imposter , and has probably spoilt the name of 1000’s of genuine A.

  48. I am planning on starting a blog …. but man.. this was one I am immensely inspired by !!!!

  49. How in heaven did you do the mahabarath thingy? Soawesomelyfunny that I can’t type coherently.

  50. I bow down to thee. Ultimate skills with Photoshops man. The Mahabharata pic is an all-time killer. I heart your skills with the “Devabhasha” :P. Awesome hair btw, :D.

  51. yeeeeeeee i am so happy I read your blog…actually i had downloaded your music quite a long time back…but I have become a fan of your blog just lately :D great gng huh….

  52. hi boss!!!

    kalakkare thalaiva!!! mudiayala…
    room pottu yosippiyalo?
    sathiyama solren naina…
    indha nimitla irundhu un saittuku naan rasigai!!!

    kalakkikune iruku! :P

  53. my billing is definitely going to dip this month – and it is all because of you you you and your jilma, jilpa, jalsa and gilma-fying blog :-(

    i just can’t seem to keep my eyes off, short-sighted and astigmatic as they are!

    at least now i know what to do next time i write a boring ebook for an unappreciative client! :-D

  54. ayyyyuu chance-ay illai … ore kallula rendu maanga …. moonjibookum mahabharathamum … dangerous laughter zone :)))))

  55. @Gobi Manchurian post

    Manchuria ku appala andha side la Gobi desert irukke… mind it

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  57. Hey Krish,
    This is Janardh..was your co-worker in TCS @ San Antonio TX; not sure if u remember
    Anyway, Awesome! Wow!!! Great going dude! :-)

  58. WoW! That’s what I can comment here…

    I am a regular visitor of your blogs. Simply great works!

  59. this is the first time i visited your plog…amazing…absolutely..i was rofling for like 15 mins non staapu!

  60. Unbelievable stuff man! Really really creative.

  61. darth vadhiar!!! man!!! nee dhan thala vadhiaruuuuu


  62. Top Stuff dude, you are sure an inspiration for us valarum bloggers, envy your photoshop skills.

  63. Dude
    U bored the shit outta me!!!
    Please stop plogging machaaan!!

  64. Superb! One of my friends told me about ur blog and I am addicted to it now. Past 3 hours aa I am reading ur blog and dont feel like stopping. super oo super!

  65. F*ing awesome !! Reading your blog makes it so much easier to be at work and pretend to work……. :) I’ll be a have been “Bookmarked”

  66. F*ing awesome !! Reading your blog makes it so much easier to be at work and pretend to work……. I’ll be a have been “Bookmarked”

  67. Very interesting and funny, like Bill Bryson

  68. Very cool, i used to think this was in my teens. I am glad to see it on the web. wonderful. keep up the wild side. look forward to see more of this.



  69. Awesome post!!! Luv’d dem all!!! :) :D

  70. Man! Are you hillarious or what???

  71. Dude! You’re AMAZING.

    When am I gonna be like you *sigh*

  72. The Plog on Mahabhartha was TOOO GOOOOD !! was laughing to myself like a lunatic during one of my usually-sleepy lecture!
    Love ur work macha!

    sure to come back for more! :)


  73. ha ha … damn you !!! this is genius stuff … The zenith moment … “Kunti invited the pandavas to the game ShareFruits” …

  74. Padum romba romba super Mama!!

  75. Absolutely superb…. The Mahabarata onFB rocks…

  76. Awesome to the core! Keep going :)

  77. what the hell man ! just W.O.W. This page is filled with awesomeness. The fun is just not in the post section. Look closely and you’ll find it everywhere, even on sidebar. huh ! Thoppi off thala. thoppi off !

  78. ..You made my morning…The facebook one is crazy…

  79. I love the tambrahm rage so much, i visited it n stayed there for a few hours! your blog is fun too….

  80. U r superb. I have not come across such creativity & blogging skills any time before. Hats off to you.

  81. Hahaha!! God, I wish I could grab my flabby tummy and feel a little slippery excretion exit my nose as I roar with laughter. But, I am in office and you just made my day. P.S. Love the Mahabharata FB newsfeed!

  82. Brilliant….laughed so much in a while!! :D

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  84. WOW WOW man….that Mahabharata remix was one hell of a creation….can’t stop imagining, how u made up all those stuff
    And that “Decibel” theory was super awesome….i too have felt the same..sometimes with “Palakkad Iyer maami’s”….
    The pics are too good…gr8 work..carry on

  85. About the Gobi Manchurian…please do some research and see if the Gobi desert (dessert illa pa) has something to do with this exotic dish?

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  89. Awesome stuff! :) Loved it.

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  93. Do you have any video of that? I’d like to find out more details.

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