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Indianizing the Facebook “Like” button


In India, we do things differently. And in keeping with the rich tradition of orally imparted knowledge and MMS scandals, we rarely like to write things down, and that is why when we go to “foreign”, we spare no chances in pontificating, elucidating and prognosticating on the Great Indian Difference. In India, we have history. In India, we have ancient culture. In India, we have the world’s most unhealthy kind […]

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The quick Dan Brown foxes and jumps over lazy reader dogs


My first Dan Brown book was The Da Vinci Code, which when translated fully to English curiously becomes “The Of Vinci Code”. Of course, the incorrect juxtaposition of an article and a preposition wasn’t something that bothered me as I raced through what I thought was a throughly enjoyable story. The Da Vinci code was undeniably unputdownable, especially if one had little better to do. But after Angels & Demons, […]

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Facebook Mahabharatha

2 days of high pressure work and day long meetings have finally come to an end. And that usually means “some free time”. And “some free time” usually translates to The Facebook Mahabharatha ps 1: I didn’t pay too much attention to accurate chronology ps 2: It was already getting long, so I left some events out ps 3: For those not familiar with the Facebook Mini-feed, you need to […]

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