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Indianizing the Facebook “Like” button


In India, we do things differently. And in keeping with the rich tradition of orally imparted knowledge and MMS scandals, we rarely like to write things down, and that is why when we go to “foreign”, we spare no chances in pontificating, elucidating and prognosticating on the Great Indian Difference. In India, we have history. In India, we have ancient culture. In India, we have the world’s most unhealthy kind […]

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Indian Film Song Lyrics


I cannot resist Graphjam so here we are. Indian Film song lyrics explained with simple graphs. I promise, this will be the second last time I will be “inspired” (like Anu Malik) to remix a popular Internet meme for desi purposes. First we explore the Hindi Film Industry, or as Cineblitz chooses to acronymize, HiFI UPDATE: My 90 minute drive back home from office resulted in these Priyank gives us […]

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I sport Indian support


Congratulations Abhinav. Awesome show. The media tells me that you have given hope, single-handedly, to a billion people aching for Indian sporting glory. Well, at least the 400 million, TV-watching, newspaper-scanning part of that billion. All news channels are currently busy analyzing why India cannot produce more Abhinavs. What makes your (and Leander’s, Rajyavardhan’s and Malleswari’s) achievement even more remarkable is that you are all sportspeople in a fundamentally unsporting […]

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The Sporepedia is not complete till some desis move in


The first ever video game I ever played was a small, handheld thingie involving driving away hungry wolves from sheep grazing peacefully in a farm. When the first PC arrived at home, a mighty 386 with a whopping 4 MB RAM, I was introduced to Prince of Persia, an scrolling arcade type rescue-princess-from-evil-vizier adventure, which came on a couple of floppies from a neighbour who also gave us our first […]

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Symbolically speaking


When I was a kid, I always wondered what the “Tropicalized” symbol meant on the small Philips cassette player we used to have. My dad explained that it was to indicate that the player was specially designed to withstand tropical conditions. And it made sense. Clearly, from the perspective of the cassette player or any electronic good for that matter, India must feel like the epitome of hell, what with […]

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