Kutty Ambi (1944-2015)


Several years ago, an eccentric cousin of my father’s called his office and loudly demanded that the chap who picked up the phone hand it over to one “Kutty Ambi”. The poor man picking up the call was confused. It wasn’t a name he was familiar with, not just in that office but in New Delhi in general. He politely told him there was no “Kutty Ambi” in the office […]

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This is yet another true travel story although I suspect the tale might have grown a bit with the telling. Every year, several thousand Indian boys (and girls too, but they are irrelevant to this particular tale) reach a certain milestone, a milestone that they have been planning for practically all their lives. It is an important pre-condition that precedes the creation of a profile on Bharat Matrimony and the […]

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Till United Kingdom Come


This is a true story, slightly paraphrased for dramatic effect. I have always wondered about the mathematical relationship between shame and courage. As is evident from the graph, every man (and there is a reason I am being gender specific here, a reason that will become more evident as this tale unfolds) has a personal inflection point where a delta change in shame results in an exponential increase in courage. […]

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Kindly Adjust

Recently, someone shared this on Facebook. Normally I give Facebook shares about as much attention as an email from a deposed West African dictator, but the title said “10 classic Indianisms: Doing the Needful and more” so I decided to carve out some precious time from my continuous partial attention strategy (it means “wasting time in multiple ways simultaneously”) to read it. I softLOLed  at the author’s “evil pseudonym” contrast […]

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Constitutional TRap

Signing of the US Constitution

Two years ago, Harish and yours truly were inspired by someone whose every utterance enriches the creative commons of Indian culture. We decided to call ourselves Parodesy Noise, which to Tamil ears sounds like an American way of saying “Canines from across the ocean” and also suggests, at the same time, a focus on parody while musically remixing things many people consider must not be remixed. Now, for the first […]

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Bulp Piction

Lakshminarasimhan reclined on his easy chair, Hindu newspaper in hand, filter coffee on a small side table, searching for something to outrage about. He was humming an Ananda Bhairavi korvai when his wife turned on the TV to watch a program where a small child was being made to cry by a snooty judge for getting the vibrato wrong on a classic AR Rahman song. His blood began to boil […]

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