Defining terms

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Jalsa refers to a general sense of gratification, illicitly obtained or otherwise.

Jilpa refers to a lengthy and convoluted show of superiority without having any substance whatsoever

Gilma refers to strange, arcane and mysterious stuff, in other words, extremely interesting things.

So far, my life can be summarized as “jalsa in school and college, jilpa at work and gilma once in a while”.


2 responses to “Defining terms”

  1. […] So in a nutshell, this is what I think of the Maran issue. Of course, its immature. Of course its uniformed and puerile. But as I said, Indian politics does not interest me and deserves nothing more than my jilpa […]

  2. mutuelle dentaire renault boulogne-billancourt Avatar

    Un très bon site riche en informations. Vous avez une très belle plume, bravo ! Bonne journée

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