Yana Ma Kannu

I flew the good times today. I am a big fan of airline safety instruction videos and thus was keen on being entertained (and informed) by the accomplished actors and actresses usually roped in for these oscar nominated videos. And Lo Behold. Guess who teaches good-times-flyers to buckle and unbuckle their seat belts? Yana Gupta . I got confused. Was Kingfisher trying to distract me from listening to the earth-shatteringly important safety instructions (how to inflate a life-jacket and how to push everybody else aside while making it to the exit) by the provocative use of Czech item girls?


2 thoughts on “Yana Ma Kannu

  1. When there is an emergency, grab that model, tie it around yourself, and blow with your lips…and then float in high heaven, infinite waters, wherever…idu epaadi irukku….

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