Death by Powerpoint

Spent a Saturday in training, while my wife was busy buying products made out of fibres secreted by Bombyx Mori. The instructor unleashed several bolts of sleep rays from his powerpoint gun. I fought a valiant battle with the Kingdom of Sleep, and won a pyrrhic victory. Here is the stream of unconsciousness as I kept writing while oscillating between slumber and wakefulness.

Vision blurs. The pen moves. Words are written. Words from wakefulness figthing duelling games with words from sleep. The fundamental disconnectedness of things. The speaker’s voice fades in an out. Focus wanders. Head dips. Gravity beckons. Sudden shock. Awake. Fully awake.

I managed to stay awake the rest of the day. Short naps do wonders.

Note to self: Compose dreamy tune in E major based on this experience – title “Stream of Unconscious”.
Note to self: Pat on back for the previous note to self.