Totoros in Labyrinths

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To compensate for the slow and torturous death by powerpoint treatment meted out to me on Saturday, I decided to let some photons from movies enter my eyes.

My neighbour Totoro is an incredible movie. Movie Plot: Large fluffy magical creatures with a penchant for carrying umbrellas who travel by a cat shaped bus with eyes for headlights have fun with 2 unbelievably cute kids . Number of Villians: 0. Number of macho heroes: 0. Number of cliched hollywood style cartoon scenes: 0. Number of Monsters: 3 (totoros) + 1 (cat bus). Here is what a totoro looks like:

Roger Ebert could not have put it better. An absolute must-watch.

THe other movie that managed to sneak in a few photos into my retina was Pan’s Labyrinth. Movie plot: Young girl imagines a fantasy world of her own to deal with the brutality of Franco’s regime. A very thought provoking movie. So thought provoking that, I had to stare at this image for a few minutes to take my mind away from summary executions and giant toads (Yes. The movie is fairly disturbing).


4 responses to “Totoros in Labyrinths”

  1. elastikat Avatar

    thanks for totoro´s picture. this is one of the greatest cartoon movies of all times. ´m a totoro’s as well as miyazaki’s lover. i´m glad to know i´m not alone in this bloody artificial world.

  2. krishashok Avatar

    Welcome to the club.

  3. eh Avatar

    wow…thanks for the link to totoro’s sleeping picture…
    Now its my desktop wallpaper.

    it replaced this

  4. eh Avatar

    a fan of studio ghibli movies after watching spirited away and Grave of the Fireflies

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