Totoros in Labyrinths

To compensate for the slow and torturous death by powerpoint treatment meted out to me on Saturday, I decided to let some photons from movies enter my eyes.

My neighbour Totoro is an incredible movie. Movie Plot: Large fluffy magical creatures with a penchant for carrying umbrellas who travel by a cat shaped bus with eyes for headlights have fun with 2 unbelievably cute kids . Number of Villians: 0. Number of macho heroes: 0. Number of cliched hollywood style cartoon scenes: 0. Number of Monsters: 3 (totoros) + 1 (cat bus). Here is what a totoro looks like:

Roger Ebert could not have put it better. An absolute must-watch.

THe other movie that managed to sneak in a few photos into my retina was Pan’s Labyrinth. Movie plot: Young girl imagines a fantasy world of her own to deal with the brutality of Franco’s regime. A very thought provoking movie. So thought provoking that, I had to stare at this image for a few minutes to take my mind away from summary executions and giant toads (Yes. The movie is fairly disturbing).