Loose Gtalk

This is an excerpt of a conversation I had with my younger brother today. It was about my earlier post.

Truth be told, neither of us have been anywhere near this college. But in true jilpa tradition, we speculated about life in Tamil Nadu concentrat….i mean engineering colleges, without actually knowing anything about it. Poetic License. No wait, more like Prosaic License.

The Author: did u see the satyabhama thingie
The Author’s brother: yeah. is that the latest rulebook?
The Author: yes
The Author’s brother: whew. theyve actually relaxed some of them.
The Author: really? like “punishment for talking to girls will only result in one testicle being incinerated”

The Author’s brother: there was stuff in the earlier days about not coming early to bus stops, and toilet breaks not being allowed

The Author: so they just attended their calls of nature right through the window? Or oh…like the Ministry of Love…no windows perhaps?
The Author’s brother: one sathyabhama-ite put it thus: ‘if you have bladder control issues, carry a bottle at all times.’
The Author: He needs to write a Anne Frankesque diary about his traumatic 4 years
The Author’s brother: hehe
The Author: Do young women professors come under the “Girls and Boys” rule?

The Author’s brother: they dont have those. professors must take a personality test before being selected

The Author: Oh I see..Unequal Employer par extraordinaire. Their “personality” test involves killing puppies, I presume

The Author’s brother: i was just kidding, but i wouldn be surprised

The Author: Sanity is the surprise element here. The opposite comes with the package 🙂