Join Da Crowd. Earn Da Biriyani

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There was a “walk-in” at work today. For the uninitiated, a “walk-in” is a large scale invasion of an office premises by hordes of job applicants with dreams of joining the Indian IT Bandwagon. Off late, the recruitment process tends to resemble ranchers inspecting and buying 150 heads of cattle at the Pushkar Livestock Mela. Let’s just say that the company does not exactly welcome each successful applicant with a personalized touch and a special show of organizational “We are glad to have you with us” bonhomie. The overall experience is more akin to that of the village poor being herded into lorries to attend a political rally. In exchange for a biriyani. With one egg.


2 responses to “Join Da Crowd. Earn Da Biriyani”

  1. Marc Avatar

    No arrack? I’m not coming then.

  2. mutuelle familiale Avatar
    mutuelle familiale

    Au passage, très bien votre blog 🙂 J’attend avec impatience la suite. A bientôt.

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