Gone with the Unwind

I went on a search for live music in Chennai. Live music of the kind typically not performed at the Music Academy. And heigh ho, right in the heart of Carnatic country, I discovered a rebel outpost. The Unwind Center. And much like Cristoforo Colombo finding the Fedex guy waiting for him in the New world, my “discovery” is apparently 6 years old.

2 acoustic bands (“Inside Out” and “The Cross”) later, the main act came on. EasyStreet featured a fair-complexioned Jimi Hendrix look-alike wielding a Les Paul, a good bassist resembling T Rajendar, an energetic drummer (who I thought was easily the most talented member of the band) and a prepubescent vocalist with good stage presence. They were good. They opened with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock’n’roll” and performed an excellent rendition of “The Seeker” by The Who.

I liked the place. It was not crowded and the audience was knowledgable and importantly not drunk. I am looking forward to unwind there next friday as well.

And uh…i shot some photos of EasyStreet with my wife’s cellphone camera. Hm..er..this is the best of the lot. Cellphone Cameras + dim lighting + moving targets = what you see below
Easy Street


2 thoughts on “Gone with the Unwind

  1. Wasn’t crowded? When my old schoolmates are on the place is jam packed. Everyone knows everyone else. It’s too small for rock and metal though. You gotta catch the scare monthly gigs.

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