Gone with the Unwind

I went on a search for live music in Chennai. Live music of the kind typically not performed at the Music Academy. And heigh ho, right in the heart of Carnatic country, I discovered a rebel outpost. The Unwind Center. And much like Cristoforo Colombo finding the Fedex guy waiting for him in the New world, my “discovery” is apparently 6 years old.

2 acoustic bands (“Inside Out” and “The Cross”) later, the main act came on. EasyStreet featured a fair-complexioned Jimi Hendrix look-alike wielding a Les Paul, a good bassist resembling T Rajendar, an energetic drummer (who I thought was easily the most talented member of the band) and a prepubescent vocalist with good stage presence. They were good. They opened with Led Zeppelin’s “Rock’n’roll” and performed an excellent rendition of “The Seeker” by The Who.

I liked the place. It was not crowded and the audience was knowledgable and importantly not drunk. I am looking forward to unwind there next friday as well.

And uh…i shot some photos of EasyStreet with my wife’s cellphone camera. Hm..er..this is the best of the lot. Cellphone Cameras + dim lighting + moving targets = what you see below
Easy Street