Weekend Singles

I spent 4 hours today recording a new song. Well. The words are’nt exactly new. Slighty old, if I may say so. 700 AD to be precise. I found this short sanskrit poem by Bhartihari so profound that I just had to make something out of it.

You can listen to it and download it here

Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Violin and some drum loops.

The words mean:
Man is born in the world
with a lifespan of a hundred years,
more or less, and he spends
half the time sleeping.
The half of the remaining years
is spent in infancy and dotage.
The remaining twenty five
are spent in suffering from various
diseases, in lamenting and grieving
over a series of bereavements
caused by the death of offspring
and other relatives, in working
hard day and night at the household
of the rich to scrape a living.
Living, as he must, a life so
full of turbulence
and wave-like unsteadiness,
when does man find time
to experience true happiness?


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