The King of Jalsa and the Emperor of Jilpa

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Words cannot do justice. Those puny little things made of “letters” and categorized into “nouns” and “verbs” and such, just do not cut it. Krish Raghav, my junior sibling, presents, for your viewing pleasure, no, viewing orgasm, The King of Jalsa and the Emperor of Jilpa


Since a single blog post for two Ubergods is sacrilege, I shall first pay obeisance to Vijaykanth, better known for his ability to generate multiple megawatts of electricity from his veins. His subsequent exploits include

What a man.


3 responses to “The King of Jalsa and the Emperor of Jilpa”

  1. micman Avatar

    the difficulty in acting on silver screen is not known until experienced.
    Its easy to comment … very tough to live by it

  2. Prathima Avatar

    What about the other Ubergod? Which blog post of yours pays obeisance to him?

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