A Conjunctional Catastrophe

The language called English considers Delhi its Guantanamo Bay. Lots of bad things are done to it there. Distortion, disrespect and downright torture are commonplace. But for a confused Tamilian who speaks no language particularly well, its just fun.

I saw there “Fire Safety instructions” at my office in Delhi. 13 very life-saving instructions, extremely and surprisingly well-written. Just one problem. They had 14 points crammed into 13 bullets (for lack of space apparently). So point number 13 was, shall we say, injudiciously, combined with point number 14 with that conjuctional life-saver “and”. And here it was:

“Do not run back into a burning building AND educate small children about fire safety”

Thanks to Dinesh for pointing it out. We laughed about it the entire day