The weather was capital

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The capital visited me yesterday, and for the purposes of making small talk, people kept asking me about what the weather was like in Delhi. To answer that question, I recap my trip thus.

  • Taxi to Chennai airport. Weather – Windy (the windows were open).
  • Chennai Airport, Weather – Crowded (the temperature, humidity and pressure of 1000s trying to get from Chennai to point B, whereever that may be.)
  • Jet Airways flight to Delhi. Weather – 25 degrees (It was airconditioned)
  • Flight to terminal by Jet airways bus. Weather – 25 degrees (It was airconditioned)
  • Delhi Terminal. Weather – Blackhole (The immensely turbulent atmosphere of 1000s packed into a terminal whose size could best be described as “2B/H/K”. )
  • Car to Office. Weather – you guessed it. 25 degrees. (It was airconditioned)
  • Office. Weather – Ditto.
  • Same, in reverse, in the evening

So, if the 10 seconds between me exiting the terminal and getting into the car counts for a statistically valid period of time for an accurate estimation, the weather in Delhi was pleasant. Better than Chennai. Much better.


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