Pure Pressure

The Indian media cowboy is currently busy milking this religious cow. The Guruvayoor temple, yes, the one that exclusively uses Yesudas songs to entertain its miniature idol of Krishna, and yet disallows the venerable singer from actually entering the temple as a result of some white robed gentlemen dipping his head into a tub of water when he was an infant.

To summarize the issue – little grandson of Vayalar Ravi visits temple. Priest conducts purification ceremony as aforementioned baby was born in a Christian womb. The media then professionally managed to manufacture the appropriate level of outrage over this medieval practice.

I find it all gilma ofcourse. Gilma is a concise Tamil term to describe strange, unexplainable, complicated yet pointless stuff. As you can see, Gilma saves us a lot of typing effort. I was trying to wonder when the baby became christian? At baptism? At conception? At birth? Or when he truly appreciates what religion is? How does a technically universal deity (as Hindu scriptures repeatedly say so) get defiled by the presence of a little kid?

This needs more jilpa. Need to run to work now. More later…