To B or not to B

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As I was scouring the dark and musty corners of the world wide web in search of inspirational literature and incisive commentary, I came across these gems. Now, I am a fan, and not a critic of Indian english. I think there is something special, unique and rich about our way of distorting the Queen’s language. So this is not meant to be a parody. I honestly believe this is the next wave in this versatile language’s evolution.

I will however not disclose the authors of these breathtaking samples of commentary. Note that all spelling “interpretations” (formerly called “mistakes”) are retained as is.

one more treat by AB ….

Awaiting ….

He looks G8

1) Advanced Acronyms – Note the usage G8 and the subtle line spacing to indicate a thrilling sense of reading “nothing” in between the lines

Quie a sensation is expected with Amitabh in this attire and sure it is going to be mind blowing with Amitabh jhooming to the brilliant number in the film as it is most eagerly awaited to see the most versatile performer.

2) Multiclausemultiobjectmultipurpose sentence – using a single sentence to express several thought processes and ideas by the cunning use of prepositions.

Big B is a institute in himself, I do copy him in my most of the day to day act. This photo of his, indicates the varsality of a maestro. But surely millions of his fans would love him to see in as many different look as he can. He is best judge in himself to choose the character,still he is the Shahensha of our hearts. Long live Big B.
3) Bollywood Metaphor – Using bollywood movie names as metaphors for the subject at hand. In this case, Shahensha happens to be, you guessed it, a Big B movie. That makes it all the more brilliant. That’s like telling Tom “You ‘cruised’ into our hearts”. Awesome.

Wow !! what a funky… look… this is reminding me of pirates of the carabien…. hope to see another great perpormance from BIG B in this movie

4) Elliptical Synonyms – Note the use of “look” flanked by ellipses. It is a beautifully expressive way of saying that the author was “looking” for a better word in that place, perhaps “attire” or “demeanour” , but choose to stick with plain old “look”.

AB portrate an scottish look .He can give a good look on any Western dress weather its Cowboy,Gladiator or Caribbean dress. On my view he is an Alien with many looks.

5) Misplaced and Displaced epithets – Ah. No comments. Just take a look at what all the comments above, including the stunning last sentence, were actually describing.


Jimi Carlos Big Bad B “pimp my ride” Bacchan Santana playing the chord Am/Gbsus19major7th


Jalsa. Grade A Jalsa.

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4 responses to “To B or not to B”

  1. Abhishek Datta Avatar

    Heh. Keep it coming. How about some no-holds barred parody the next time?

  2. ramaaramesh Avatar

    I’m doing an all-archives must-read-up-in-two-days trip down your blog’s past.

    1. ramangarimella Avatar

      me too!

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