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For the Tamil-challenged, Ettukkaal means “8-legged”.

I had the sad misfortune of spending 90 precious rupees of mine on a movie I choose to call “Ettukkaal Peter”. Hollywood, for some strange inexplicable reason, insists on calling it “Spiderman 3”. After all, they put me through a 3 hour tear-jerker with love triangles, childhool rivalries, professional jealousies, item songs, make-girlfriend-jealous dances and the inevitable regained-friend-sacrifices-life-for-hero routine at the very end. Since they did choose to make it so Bollywoody (and Kollywoody), I am guessing that this is the blurb that should appear on the director’s cut DVD released by Shemaroo or Eros Entertainment. The Hindi version is obviously called “Teesra Peter”. And oh, since Hindi movies of today need to have an english tagline, let’s make that “Teesra Peter: The web of betrayal”

“Teesra Peter” is the spellbinding rollercoaster movie about the dashing Peter bhai who performs dazzling feats of romance by charming his lady love who is a struggling singer trying to make it big at the box office. Little does he know that his closest friend also wishes to shoot the arrows of Kama at our pretty girl’s heart. This delicate equation of love is further complicated by the presence of the Police chief’s beautiful daughter, who adds the love triangle effect to this wonderful exploration of human nature and special effects. This epic drama of tragedy, love, redemption and the occasional spider web will engulf your mind, pull at the heart strings and cause severe indigestion. “

If any of the readers has some photoshop skills, it will be interesting to see what a “Teesra Peter” Shemaroo DVD looks like.

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7 responses to “Ettukkaal Peter”

  1. Marc Avatar

    Spiderman is just too sissy to be a superhero.

    Now, Batman… different story altogether. Saw Batman Begins? Now that was a movie.

  2. krishashok Avatar

    Oh yes. IMO, the best comic book movie of all time. Very subtle and beautifully shot. But then, I didnt expect any less from Christopher Nolan

  3. Karthik Krish Avatar
    Karthik Krish

    Shrek 3 is even worse.

  4. Karthik Krish Avatar
    Karthik Krish

    Finally…a readable color theme.

  5. spiderman Avatar

    cant expect you web 2 folks to appreciate web 3.

  6. Marc Avatar


    Another word about Batman Begins. Amazing music.

  7. Marc Avatar

    Shrek 3 was bad? Wasn’t planning to watch it anyway. Will send test subjects and see what they say.

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